Calnex Analyzer Tool


Fast, clear insight into network and device performance

The Calnex Analyzer Tool (CAT) is a versatile network analysis solution that provides fast and clear insights into network and device performance. With customizable analysis, comprehensive ITU-T metric evaluation, seamless integration with Paragon, and the ability to generate graphical reports, CAT helps optimize network performance. It offers flexibility in testing, independent marker sets, filtering capabilities, an intuitive interface, and clear Pass/Fail indications, making it an ideal tool for network administrators and engineers.

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Calnex Analyzer Tool

Get fast, clear insight into network and device performance with all your measurement results in one place. Easy to see all results in an instant and identify problems.

The Calnex Analysis Tool (CAT) is a powerful network analysis solution designed to provide fast and clear insight into network and device performance. Whether you’re a network administrator, engineer, or technician, CAT offers a range of features and benefits to help you optimize your network and ensure its smooth operation.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Customizable multi-graph window: With CAT, you can easily select the specific measurements and channels you want to analyze. This allows for detailed analysis and quick insights into network performance.
  • Comprehensive ITU-T metrics: CAT supports a wide range of ITU-T metrics, including TE, cTE, dTE, PDV, TIE, MTIE, TDEV, MATIE, MAFE, FPP, FFO, and more. You can evaluate these metrics to assess network synchronization and timing accuracy effectively.
  • Seamless integration with Paragon: CAT allows you to view live measurements from Paragon, a leading test and measurement device. Additionally, you can import stored measurement data from Paragon, Sentinel, or Sentry, simply by dragging and dropping it into CAT for further analysis.
  • Generate graphical reports: CAT enables you to generate and download graphical reports that showcase your results against ITU-T masks and limits. This feature provides a visual representation of your network’s performance, making it easier to identify areas of improvement.
  • Test flexibility: You can test your network to ITU-T standards or customize masks and limits based on your specific requirements. This flexibility allows you to tailor the analysis to match your network environment accurately.
  • Independent marker set and powerful zoom: CAT offers an independent marker set for each analysis type, giving you enhanced insight into your data. Additionally, the powerful zoom feature allows you to dive deep into the details and examine your network’s performance with precision.
  • Filtering capabilities: You can apply filtering to focus on specific aspects of time error, such as jitter, wander, and constant components. This capability helps you pinpoint and address specific issues affecting your network’s timing accuracy.
  • Intuitive user interface: CAT features an intuitive and easy-to-learn user interface, ensuring a smooth and efficient analysis experience. You can quickly navigate through the tool and access the various features with ease.
  • Clear Pass/Fail indication: CAT provides clear Pass/Fail indications, allowing you to quickly assess the performance of your network and identify any areas that require attention. This feature streamlines the analysis process and saves you valuable time.