DSP Series Meters

DSP Series Meters

Robust and compact DOCSIS 3.1 installation and service meters for cable service providers and contractors

Maintain the health of your plant with one instrument, including everything needed for systemwide testing. Eliminate the need for multiple instruments – the 1G DSP with TDR conveniently combines CATV, DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem, and cable TDR testing.

Designed to meet maintenance technician challenges, this meter has powerful troubleshooting tools for experienced techs, yet simplifies decision making and streamlines standard processes and procedures for the more novice tech. This results in more efficient technicians, greater overall system health, and allows techs to continue using the same meter as they become more experienced.

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  • Reduce outage and line problem troubleshooting time
  • Avoid paying for unnecessary span replacements
  • Precision location means digging smaller holes
  • Eliminate unnecessary span replacements by pinpointing cable problems enabling efficient splicing
  • Document measurement results quickly with upload to StrataSync (get paid quicker)


  • Reduce outage and line problem troubleshooting time
  • Features fast, complete, and precise measurements without blind spots
  • Data upload and retention with StrataSync
  • Built to last design for use in the real environment of Network Technicians