SignalShark® – Portable RF Interference Analyzer and Direction Finder

Real-Time Handheld Analyzer

The Narda SignalShark Signal Analyzer, much like a shark, is an expert hunter in the vast ocean of measurement. Its exceptional performance can be attributed to its finely tuned senses. With a remarkable 40 MHz real-time bandwidth, it can capture the spectrum of even the shortest-pulsed signals greater than 3.125 µs with 100% probability of intercept (POI). This ensures an unbroken awareness of all spectrum events. Additionally, its advanced analysis capabilities, including real-time spectrum, spectrogram, and persistence, enable the analyzer to examine signals with superior frequency and time resolution. As a result, Narda’s SignalShark Signal Analyzer provides a thorough and precise analysis of measured signals.

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SignalShark is an advanced Signal Analyzer that takes RF signal detection, analysis, classification, and localization to a whole new level! With a frequency range of 8 kHz to 8 GHz, it is equally applicable for both mobile and stationary use.

The SignalShark’s analysis functions, such as real-time spectrum, spectrogram, and persistence, provide a high-frequency and time resolution for analyzing measured signals. With the rapid development of new technologies, such as IoT, M2M, and C2C communications, and expanding 4G/5G mobile networks, more and more devices have to share the available frequency ranges. SignalShark provides comprehensive measurement solutions for the increasingly complex RF spectrum, including wideband measurements of an entire frequency range, detection of hidden signals, capturing of very short impulses, and localization of interference signals.

SignalShark’s manual and automatic antennas make it a suitable choice for the direction finding of radiated signals, such as the “Angle of Arrival” AoA, localization of emitters by triangulation or the heat map, and “Homing,” the search for interference in the immediate vicinity. Furthermore, SignalShark supports localization according to the TDOA principle.

SignalShark – Seven Senses for Signals

  • Sight: SignalShark can detect lowest signals even in the presence of very strong signals. It does this by combining high sensitivity with a wide intermodulation-free dynamic range. DANL (preamp. off/on):-160 dBm/Hz / -167 dBm/Hz
  • Smell: The automatic DF antenna (ADFA)  enables SignalShark to determine the direction of a detected signal in less than a second. ADFA 1: 200 MHz – 2.7 GHz ADFA 2: 10 MHz – 8 GHz
  • Hearing: The high sensitivity to signals means SignalShark can locate and demodulate even signals that originate from a long way away. Two DDCs enables simultaneous measurement and demodulation.
  • Feeling: The lightest “touch” on a previously set trigger mask is enough for SignalShark to record the corresponding signal. A scan rate of up to 50 GHz/s ensures fast detection even for large frequency bands.
  • Taste: SignalShark analyzes and evaluates a recorded signal based on various classification criteria, helping the user to decide how relevant the signal is.
  • Pressure: The 40 MHz real-time measurement enables gapless, reliable detection of the slightest  changes in the RF spectrum with the aid of the  Spectrogram view.
  • Reception: The continuous real time Persistence view of SignalShark displays every change in the signal with pixel accuracy. Even hidden signals can be detected. 100 % POI signals > 3.125 μsec.

Benefits and Features:

Signal Analyzer for Detection, Analysis, Classification and Localization of RF Signals between 8 kHz and 8 GHz. Applicable for mobile and stationary use. It supports Narda directional and full automatic direction finding antennas.

  • Extremely high Scan-Rate up to 50 GHz/s
  • 40 MHz Real-Time instantaneous bandwidth
  • High Time Resolution Spectrogram
  • Powerful, live persistence spectrum to find hidden signals
  • Full automatic Direction Finding
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) Receiver
  • Supports python based scripting
  • Open platform
  • Option for SCPI Remote Control
  • External software option for classification and decoding

To download available software and firmware updates, watch videos or more information, please visit the Narda STS website here.