Ether.Genius Handheld C37.94 Tester

6-1 Multi-Technology Tester that supports both legacy and next-gen communications technologies

Ether.Genius, manufactured by Albedo Telecom, is a C37.94 tester within a multi-technology GENIUS Handheld Tester specifically designed for utility companies.

As a fixed mainframe, all the technology required for your testing needs is handled by external connection cables with interface adapters rather than expensive modules.

ALBEDO Genius supports these with C37.94 optical to electrical MUX interface for nx64k testing, Voice Frequency tests, and round trip or one-way delay measurements sync to GPS within low rate environments such as utility or rail companies.

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Ether.Genius a Multi-Technology Tester equipped with all the features you need to install or maintain telecom networks. This portable tester is fully equipped with different interfaces such as IP, Ethernet, PTP, T1, and E1. It is battery operated and can run for up to 24 hours on a single charge. This “6 technologies in 1 tester” is also lightweight, weighing only 1.1 kg, and designed to withstand tough environments.

The Ether.Genius can test Ethernet/IP networks up to 1 Gb/s and supports master/slave Sync-E/PTP emulation. It also has interfaces for PDH/T1/E1/E0 and IEEE C37.94. The device has different operation modes such as Performance, Quality, and Wander tests at all interfaces. It can also emulate and analyze PTP/SyncE, while measuring Freq./Phase, PDV metrics, and analyze/generate TIE/MTIE/TDEV and TE.

The Ether.Genius also includes a built-in Rubidium clock disciplined with GPS, which provides an accuracy of a few nanoseconds. This feature ensures that the device produces precise results, making it a reliable and efficient tool for testing network interfaces.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Built-in rubidium clock
  • Multistreams for IPTV, VoIP, Critical Data
  • RFC2544 e-SAM (Symmetric & Asymmetric)
  • Ethernet OWD (One-way-Delay)
  • Q-in-Q for demarcation tests
  • T1 / E1, Datacom support
  • Scan MAC/IP/VLAN/QinQ
  • Advanced Counts: Up to 8 MAC, IP, TCP/UDP filters
  • C37.94 N x 64 kbit/s; BER; ITU-T G.821, Freq (Hz), (ppm), dev.
  • Round Trip Delay (ms), One-way Delay with GPS
  • Wander Analysis & Generation (E1/T1, PTP, SyncE)
  • PTP full support, master and slave emulation
  • Time Error (TE), max|TE|, constant/dynamic TE