Seeker X

Digital Leakage Detector

This leakage detector from VIAVI is agile enough to monitor leakage in a channel lineup anywhere, yet sensitive and fast enough to detect leaks others overlook.

The Seeker X system is compatible with the evolving DAA/RPHY distribution network as well as traditional HFC architectures.

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The VIAVI Seeker X leakage detector is designed to provide cable operators with a sophisticated device that can accurately monitor any kind of leakage in their channel lineup.

The Seeker X can detect leakage frequencies ranging from 130-1220 MHz including OFDM support, giving operators the flexibility to customize their downstream channel lineup. The Seeker X is also capable of detecting high split networks due to its OUDP burst detection feature, allowing operators to more effectively monitor their networks.

The Seeker X also has the ability to tell the difference between tagged and untagged leaks, so it can save time by only showing the operators signals that are originating from their system and not from overbuild situations.

Ultimately, the Seeker X is equipped with the revolutionary new digitally tagged carrier which provides unmatched leakage sensitivity and positive leak detection. This allows the Seeker X to be used for driveout testing and for more efficient find and fix processes for techs in the field.

Key Features

  • Full-spectrum agility from 130-1220 MHz
  • Up to 4 concurrent detection frequencies
  • Detects OFDM carriers escaping plant – no hub-based tagger required
  • Mobile Tech app geocodes leaks, automates data collection


  • Harden the plant by detecting shielding weaknesses
  • Find likely ingress locations faster in the field
  • Verify plant integrity after repairs

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