Seeker D Leakage Detector (ex demo)

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Configured to NBN Specifications

The Trilithic (now part of Viavi solutions) Seeker D™ leakage detector accurately detects and measures signal leakage within the near-LTE and aeronautical frequency bands and features and unsurpassed sensitivity from 2 to 2000 uV/m.

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This Seeker D Leakage Detector ex-demo unit comes with the following accessories;

  • High & Low Band Rubber Duck Antenna
  • AC Travel Charger (Power Supply) & USB Data Cable
  • Fitted Glove Case

The VIAVI Seeker D™ leakage detector teamed up with VIAVI’s analog leakage platform provides the complete leakage solution. The Seeker D is specifically designed for efficient distribution leakage management, displaying numerical measurements of leaks on up to ten selectable channels and emitting a tone proportional to leak strength.

The Seeker D leakage detector accurately detects and measures signal leakage within the frequency range of 610.5–615 MHz and aeronautical bands frequency range of 135–139 MHz. The Seeker D may be used in its Mobile Mount (not  included this ex-demo) for driveouts, or removed from the mount for leakage troubleshooting on foot with a rubber duck or with optional dipole or yagi antennas.

The Seeker D (Meter/Receiver) functions with the new CT-4™ head end 1U rack mounted unit (Tagger/Transmitter) to provide an uncompromised tagging solution for active analog or digital systems. This feature detects tagged leaks and ignores untagged leaks, saving time from false alarms from signals not originating in your system.

Whether testing for leaks in both digital and analog systems, or monitoring aeronautical bands or near-LTE, Seeker D provides all of the capability to find and fix leaks quickly, accurately, and effectively.

Key Features:

  • The complete high-performance, easy-to-use leakage solution
  • Easy Frequency ConfigurationThe Seeker Setup software simplifies the configuration process.
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  • Multiple Frequency PresetsThe Seeker D can be setup to operate on up to 10 different frequency presets, which makes it easier to monitor and maintain multiple cable systems.
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  • Channel Tag CompatibilityCompatibility with the VIAVI CT-4 channel tag devices is another feature of the Seeker D.
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  • Squelch Operation Squelch level is the RF signal threshold that the Seeker D uses to  determine the validity of the signal.
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  • Source Localization The Seeker D emits an audible tone to help you pinpoint the leakage source. The tone frequency increases with signal strength.
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  • Unsurpassed sensitivity from 2–2000 μV/m
  • Cost-effective solution utilizing the majority of existing seeker GPS installation and equipment

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