Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Inline Tester


PoEsmart is a tool that helps people check and make sure their PoE systems are working correctly. It can be used to test both regular and non-regular PoE systems and it shows the results on a screen for easy viewing. It also has a special feature that allows it to test different types of PoE systems and it doesn’t interrupt the flow of data while it’s testing. It’s a very helpful tool for people who work with PoE systems.

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PoEsmart is a device that helps users test and maintain Power over Ethernet (PoE) systems. It is designed to support the IEEE 802.3bt standard, which is the latest standard for PoE technology. The device is able to detect and identify both standard (active) and non-standard (passive) PoE systems, which means it can be used with a wide range of different PoE systems.

When connected to a passive Power Device (PD), PoEsmart will display the voltage and polarity of the operating PoE data pair and spare pair. This means it can show you the amount of power being sent to the PD and the direction in which it is flowing. For active PoE systems, PoEsmart is equipped with an internal power device simulator called SPD (simulate power device) which can negotiate with the Power Source Equipment (PSE) to establish the voltage, current, and power draw of IEEE 802.3af / 802.3at / UPoE / 802.3bt Type 3 (4PPoE) and 802.3bt Type 4 PoE standards. This means it can test and verify that the PSE is providing the correct amount of power to the PD.

When connected to both a PD and PSE, PoEsmart will actively analyze and monitor the voltage, current, polarity, and wattage supplied by the PSE to the PD without interrupting the flow of data. This means that you can test and maintain your PoE systems without disrupting the normal operation of your network. The results of the test are displayed on an OLED high-resolution display which provides a clear and easy-to-read display. The display also has a wide viewing angle which means it can be used in a variety of different settings. The device also has an extensive display that provides a balanced layout for full visibility of the data which eliminates the inconvenience of scrolling or rotating for contents.

PoEsmart is the next generation of PoE testers and it is an essential tool for managing PoE systems. With its advanced capabilities and easy-to-use design, it makes it easy to test and maintain PoE systems, ensuring that they are working correctly and efficiently.

Key Features

  • Identifies PoE standard of PSE: IEEE802.3af, IEEE802.3at, IEEE802.3bt (Type 3 and Type 4), or non-standard without having a separate power device.
  • Identifies the polarity of the PoE data pair and spare pair (Endspan or Midspan or Ultra 4-pair).
  • Monitor and troubleshoot IEEE802.3af/802.3at/802.3bt Type 3 (4PPoE) and 802.3bt Type 4 standard PoE systems.
  • Real-Time IEEE802.3bt inline status analysis and monitoring.
  • Supports Ethernet Data: 10/100/1000
  • Full OLED display of PoE information without scrolling.
  • Measures current and power from DC supplies.
  • Verify PoE status in digital signage, CTV/PoE cameras, VOIP phones, Wi-Fi installations, POS Systems and much more.
  • Battery-free operation technology.
  • Compact and lightweight design.