Multi-Function IP/CCTV System Camera Tester

HST319 SURVLtest

Hobbes Innovation has made a special device called SURVLtest Multi-Function IP/CCTV System Camera Tester that helps fix and set up cameras. It has a really high resolution, which means the pictures on the camera look super clear. It also has a built-in battery and a way to connect to the camera’s power, so you don’t need extra things to make it work. It can also help you change settings, keep track of what’s happening and fix problems with the cameras. It’s easy for people who don’t know much about cameras to use and it can also make it easier for professionals to do their jobs.

We are an Authorised Distributor of Hobbes Innovation. If you can't find the right tool on our website, please reach out to us and we'll source it for you. Since 1985 Hobbes Innovation, has been manufacturing test and measurement equipment worldwide and has built up a strong reputation in the telecommunications and computer industries from its base in Taiwan.
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Multi-Function IP/CCTV System Camera Tester

The SURVLtest Multi-Function IP/CCTV System Camera Tester is a device created by Hobbes Innovations designed to aid in the installation and troubleshooting of IP Digital/HD Coax/Analog camera systems. It has a high resolution of 1920 x 1200, which allows it to display network HD and analog cameras in high resolution, including ONVIF PTZ and PTZ cameras. This high resolution makes it possible for users to see and analyze the cameras in great detail, which is essential for installation and troubleshooting tasks.

One of the key features of the SURVLtest is its ability to supply power to cameras. It has a built-in PoE/PoE+ (Power Over Ethernet) and an internal Li-Ion battery (12V DC), which eliminates the need for external power adapters or injectors. This feature allows users to power the cameras directly from the device, which makes the installation and troubleshooting process more convenient and efficient.

The Multi-Function IP/CCTV System Camera tester is also capable of configuring, documenting, and troubleshooting network surveillance camera systems, making it a versatile tool for professionals and inexperienced users alike. This feature allows users to easily connect to system cameras, which is particularly useful for inexperienced users, and it makes completing system tasks quicker and more efficient for professional installers, increasing productivity from start to finish.

Key Features

  • 7 inch IPS touch screen, 1920*1200 resolution, 8MP TVI, 8MP CVI, 8MP AHD H. 265/H. 264, 4K video display via mainstream
  • Video Mode:
    • 1 channel BNC input & 1 channel BNC looped output, NTSC/PAL (Auto adapt)
    • IP camera test 4K/H. 265/H. 264: IP Discovery/Quick ONVIF/IPC test/RTSP play/Client APK
    • IP & CVBS test (IP & CVBS test at the same time), converter test from analog to digital with a dual test window
    • Coaxial HD test 8MP TVI camera test, 3840 x 2160P 12. 5/15 FPS, UTC control/call OSD menu
    • HDMI input: 1 Channel HDMI input, support 1080P
    • Image zoom: 4X zoom capacity to enlarge the image, screen snapshot, record, save, view and playback
    • Analog Video Out: Color bar generator: Output one channel PAL/NTSC color bar video signal for testing monitor or video cable
  • Compatible with various cameras
  • ONVIF and Non-ONVIF camera test:
    • A comprehensive range of ONVIF and non-ONVIF camera setup tools ensuring proper camera installation (aim, focus, PTZ presets, network settings (IP), video settings, and more).
  • Auto HD function that detects HD analogy transmission specification
  • Power cameras with Li-Ion Battery (DC12V 3A) or PoE+ (PSE network pass-through) – Eliminating the need for external power adaptors and injectors.
  • Measure PoE switch or PSE power supply voltage and cable connection status
  • Camera identification for faster login using IP discovery function (IP automates the process of connecting to IP cameras to allowing users to configure IP cameras easily as analog cameras).
  • Supports multiple video screen images and generates an installation test report (PDF) to illustrate camera parameters that can be sent from the job site via email or other file sharing service.
  • RJ45 TDR Data Cable Test: cable pair status, length, attenuation, reflectivity, impedance, skew, etc.
  • UTP cable test: Test UTP cable connection status and displays on the screen
  • Digital Cable Tracer and Tone Generator: Search BNC cable, network cable, and telephone cable
  • Network Test: Trace, route, link monitor, DHCP server, port flashing, Ping test
  • Built-in Wi-Fi (speed 150M) and display the wireless camera image
  • Audio Test: Test sound condition (2 channel: 1 audio signal + 1 headphone jack)
  • Data Monitor: Captures and analyze the command data from the controlling device (ability to send hexadecimal)
  • Operation Time: 10 hours working time after 5~6 hours charging
  • Languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Italian, French, Polish, Spanish, Deutsch