PacketBand+ TDM-4


The PacketBand+ TDM-4 is a cutting-edge solution that seamlessly connects traditional E1/T1 circuits to modern Ethernet or IP networks. With four E1/T1 ports and support for multiple TDM standards, it offers unmatched flexibility and compatibility. Its diverse interface options, robust performance that exceeds industry standards, and comprehensive management capabilities make it an essential tool for businesses looking to modernize their communication infrastructure while maintaining the reliability of traditional circuits.

In August 2021, Net2Edge was acquired by Lantronix Inc. The products of Net2Edge will continue to be available from CoverTel as usual. Logo change of products from Net2Edge to Lantronix will be done progressively.

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PacketBand+ TDM-4

The PacketBand+ TDM-4 bridges the gap between legacy TDM circuits and modern IP networks with finesse and efficiency. Seamlessly integrate diverse connectivity options while maintaining robust performance and streamlined management.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Four E1/T1 Ports: Enjoy the flexibility of four clock-locked clear channel or structured E1/T1 circuits over Ethernet or IP networks, allowing you to efficiently manage multiple connections.
  • Multi-Standard TDM Pseudo Wire Support: Experience hassle-free integration with support for various TDM pseudo wire standards such as CESoPSN, SATOP, and TDM over IP. Seamlessly merge your legacy TDM infrastructure with cutting-edge network technologies.
  • Exceeds G.823/4 Synchronous Interface Requirements: Trust in robust performance as the PacketBand+ TDM-4 goes beyond the requirements outlined in G.823/4 Synchronous Interface standards, ensuring a reliable and stable connection.
  • Versatile Interface Options: Benefit from five 10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 interfaces and two 100/1000Mbps SFP interfaces, providing a range of options for connection compatibility.
  • Comprehensive Management Options: Take control of your network with versatile management choices including CLI, Telnet, SSH, SSL, SNMP, and Web GUI. Simplify your administrative tasks for seamless operations.

Technical Specifications:

  • IP & MAC Address Management: Set up a single MAC address, IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway, with added support for DHCP, streamlining the configuration process.
  • Power (AC/DC): The PacketBand+ TDM-4 offers both AC and DC power options, ensuring compatibility with various power sources and providing you with reliable performance in diverse setups.
  • Ethernet Interfaces: Choose between auto-sensing or manual Ethernet interfaces, along with an SFP cage for diverse fiber modes, enabling smooth network connectivity.
  • TDM Ports (T1/E1): Benefit from four user-switchable T1/E1 ports with RJ45 connectors, presenting as DCE and supporting various signal options, ensuring seamless TDM circuit integration.
  • TDM Ports (E1): Four user-switchable E1/T1 ports with RJ45 connectors, offering the flexibility to adapt to different signal requirements, including selectable CRC4/non-CRC4 and HDB3, supporting various configurations