Next Generation Frame Fibre Termination Block

Fibre Termination Blocks (FTBs) are used in conjunction with an NGF rack to provide a point for terminating connectorized fibre optic cables and for interconnecting or cross-connecting the terminated circuits using patch cords.


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CommScope’s Fibre Termination Block (FTB) is a type of equipment used in fibre optic networks to terminate and organize optical fibres. The FTB is available in several different configurations, including block configurations with 72, 96, and 144 positions, as well as a 192-position configuration that uses LC adapters. The FTBs feature sliding adapter packs which provide easy access to both the front and rear terminations. This makes it easy to add or remove fibres as needed.

The FTBs can be ordered with adapters only, or preterminated with either intrafacility cable (IFC) or outside plant (OSP) cables. This allows for flexibility in network requirements and speeds up the installation process. IFC cables are used for short distances within a facility, such as between different rooms or floors of a building. OSP cables, on the other hand, are used for longer distances outside of a facility, such as between buildings or across a campus.

CommScope’s Next-Gen FTB’s are versatile and user-friendly solution for terminating and organizing optical fibres in fibre optic networks. It is available in several configurations and can be ordered with or without preterminated cables, depending on the needs of the network. This allows for flexibility in network requirements and speeds up the installation process.

By incorporating signal management and enhancement functions like splitters, couplers, and wavelength division multiplexers into your fibre network, you can improve its value by allowing for non-intrusive monitoring and testing of signal integrity. The network can also be designed with a block configuration to accommodate the use of Micro Value-Added Modules (MicroVAMs) for applications that require splitters or WDMs.