VIAVI Observer GigaStor

The VIAVI Observer GigaStor is a pioneer in back-in-time analysis that eliminates the need for issue recreation during troubleshooting. Seamlessly review historical network activity, pinpoint exact moments of anomalies, and gain detailed, packet-level insights before, during, and after incidents. GigaStor’s packet-based analytics offer robust data intelligence for compliance, security forensics, and troubleshooting. Available in flexible rack-based and portable forms, as well as cloud and hybrid IT software, GigaStor is the ultimate solution. With features like end-user experience scoring, time-based navigation, and high-speed packet capture, it empowers businesses to swiftly identify and resolve network issues while enhancing performance and security. Its versatility, reliability, and seamless integration capabilities make GigaStor an essential asset for organisations seeking seamless operations and robust network security.

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Capture Critical IT Service Events

The VIAVI Observer GigaStor is your solution to ensuring uninterrupted IT service delivery, addressing network anomalies, and bolstering security against threats. With a range of innovative features and benefits, it’s the ultimate tool to enhance your network performance.

Key Features:

  • Observer Apex End-User Experience Scoring: Seamlessly integrated with Apex, GigaStor provides the foundation for calculating end-user experience scores, helping you swiftly identify and tackle network issues.
  • Time Navigation Interface: Simplify problem isolation with GigaStor’s unique time-based navigation system. Navigate down to the nanosecond for precise root-cause location.
  • Root-Cause Analysis: Track operational metrics, such as bandwidth utilization, top talkers, and application metrics, empowering you to identify and resolve problems with minimal downtime.
  • High-Speed Packet Capture: GigaStor’s custom capture card boasts industry-leading write-to-storage performance, ensuring you keep up with even the fastest enterprise networks.
  • Security Forensics: Acting as a network eyewitness, GigaStor passively captures and archives all network data for later analysis, making it a vital tool for post-event investigation and compliance.
  • Fault Tolerant Designs: With tuned components and enclosures, GigaStor rack-mounted models offer transaction visibility at up to 100 Gb network interface speeds, ensuring uninterrupted traffic capture for years.
  • Portable Troubleshooting Flexibility: GigaStor Portable offers a compact yet powerful solution, enabling you to perform back-in-time analysis anywhere service issues occur.
  • Application Analysis: GigaStor provides detailed intelligence for various applications, aiding in resolving service errors quickly and improving user experience.


  • Enhanced IT Service: Solve delivery issues swiftly, ensuring seamless user experience and minimizing downtime.
  • Comprehensive Security: Combat security threats by actively capturing and archiving network data for analysis and post-event investigation.
  • Efficient Troubleshooting: Easily navigate and identify root causes of network anomalies with the time navigation interface.
  • Faster Problem Resolution: Back-in-time functionality allows you to review past network activity, eliminating the need to wait for issues to repeat.
  • Scalable Storage: With support for petabytes of storage capacity, ensure extended visibility into past service delivery health while complying with data privacy regulations.
  • Detailed Analysis: Leverage expert analytics for deep insights into network and application performance, streamlining problem resolution.
  • Reliability: The fault-tolerant design ensures uninterrupted, 24/7 traffic capture without dropping a single packet.

Choose the right GigaStor model that aligns with your organisation’s size and requirements, and elevate your network analysis and security forensics capabilities with the VIAVI Observer GigaStor.