CellAdvisor Cable and Antenna Analyzer

JD723C, JD724C, JD725C, JD726C

The CellAdvisor Cable and Antenna Analyzers, including the JD723C, JD724C, JD725C, and JD726C models, are designed to verify cell-site cable and antenna systems, test distributed radios with RF and fiber feed-lines, validate DAS deployments, and test NFC antennas (RFID and security equipment). With its comprehensive features and capabilities, these analyzers simplifies cell site testing, reduces installation and maintenance time, and ensures optimal performance of wireless networks. Additionally, its integration with StrataSync enhances asset and test data management, contributing to a seamless and efficient workflow for cell site technicians.

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The CellAdvisor™ is a comprehensive and efficient portfolio of mobile testing solutions designed to meet the needs of installing and maintaining cell sites across all wireless technologies from 2G to 4G. Approved by major mobile operators, these cable and antenna analyzers offers a simple and user-friendly interface, equipped with a rich set of analytical capabilities to ensure accurate and efficient cell site installation, maintenance, and optimization.

Key Features and Benefits:

Cell Site Installation – JD72xC Series:

  • Conduct installations faster, simpler, and smarter with comprehensive testing capabilities.
  • Verify coaxial reflection, RF-device insertion gain/loss, and fiber inspection for optimal performance.
  • Leverage StrataSync cloud services for asset, configuration, and test-data management.
  • Enjoy Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity for easy remote control and data sharing.

Interference Analysis – JD748B/JD788B:

  • Monitor and analyze the spectrum environment to ensure wireless service coverage.
  • Utilize RFoFiber technology for RF visibility on fiber links with CPRI or OBSAI protocols.
  • Perform spectrum analysis, interference analysis, and fibre inspection to identify and resolve issues effectively.
  • Seamlessly connect to StrataSync cloud services for data management and analysis.

Cell Site Maintenance – JD746B/JD786B:

  • Ensure top-quality service assurance by conducting proper maintenance and analysis.
  • Perform spectrum analysis, interference analysis, coaxial reflection tests, and RF-device insertion gain/loss measurements.
  • Verify fiber links with RFoFiber technology for modern cell sites.
  • Use StrataSync cloud services for streamlined data management and access.

Cell Site Optimization – JD745B/JD785B:

  • Optimize cell site performance by ensuring proper radio signal transmission and minimal interference.
  • Analyze signal performance for coexisting wireless technologies from legacy GSM/GPRS to LTE/LTE-A.
  • Conduct spectrum analysis, interference analysis, fiber inspection, and RFoFiber technology for comprehensive optimization.
  • Benefit from StrataSync cloud services for efficient data management and analysis.

Whether you’re a mobile network technician, installer, or maintenance professional, the CellAdvisor Portfolio provides the necessary tools and capabilities to enhance the performance and reliability of cell sites. With its user-friendly interface and integration with StrataSync cloud services, it ensures that tasks are performed accurately and efficiently, reducing installation time, and optimizing network performance for better customer experiences. The CellAdvisor is a trusted and approved solution by major mobile operators, making it a reliable choice for all your cell site testing and optimization needs.