CellAdvisor Base Station Analyzer


JD745B-JD785B CellAdvisor Base Station Analyzer

The CellAdvisor Base Station Analyzer JD745B, JD785B are the optimal test tools for the installation and maintenance of cell sites. CellAdvisor Base Station Analyzers introduce RFoCPRI, and offer dual-port capability, cable and antenna analysis/spectrum analysis/interference analysis/signal analysis/demodulation and RF/optical power meters and optional fiber inspection in a rugged, portable, cloud-enabled instrument.

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Key Features

  • Spectrum Analyzer up to 8GHz
  • Signal Analyzer for all wireless technologies from 2G to 4G
  • LTE-A Carrier Aggregation
  • MIMO 4X4
  • PIM detection
  • MBMS analysis
  • Layer-2 term & monitoring for CPRI fronthaul
  • Interference Analysis over CPRI fronthaul
  • PIM Detection over CPRI fronthaul
  • Dual Spectrogram View
  • Interference Analyzer
  • Channel Scanner
  • Cable and Antenna Analyzer
  • RF Power Meter (internal and external)
  • Over-the-Air Measurement (OTA)
  • Bluetooth remote control within 100M
  • Cloud enabled via JDSU StrataSync
  • Unique Optical Power Meter (with appropriate USB accessory)
  • Fiber Inspection via P5000i microscope