Building Entrance Terminal Cat6 110 – RJ45 Series

These Solid State protectors are made to safeguard 4-pair CAT6 cables that are used outside, and they work really well at high speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second at 250 MHz. They also have a quick reaction time of just 1-5 nanoseconds, which means they can react very fast to any surges or spikes in power. These protectors are certified for UL497/UL497B and are well-suited for use in ISDN, VOIP, and PoE/PoE+ applications.

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Solid state devices, also known as surge protectors, are installed at the point where the data cables enter the building, which is typically at the Building Entrance Terminals (BETs).

When a surge of unexpected voltage enters the data cables, the solid state devices detect it and divert the excess voltage safely to the ground. This helps to prevent damage to the sensitive equipment connected to the network, ensuring that voice and data communication lines remain protected from electrical damage and continue to operate reliably.

The solid state devices are designed to handle high-speed data applications, which makes them well-suited for use with the latest technology, such as VOIP, ISDN, and PoE/PoE+. By using solid state devices in conjunction with BETs, the data cables are protected from surges and other electrical disturbances, helping to ensure that they operate efficiently and effectively.

These solid state devices have been certified to work specifically with CAT 6 cables, ensuring that they are compatible with this particular type of data cable. They can work with frequencies of up to 250 MHz, which means that they are well-suited for use with high-speed data applications.

One important feature of these solid state devices is their internal fuse link, which provides an extra layer of protection against power surges and spikes that could damage the data cable. This helps to ensure that the cables remain intact and can continue to provide reliable data transfer.

In addition to meeting the UL497/UL497B protection standards, these devices also exceed them, meaning that they provide even more protection than is required by industry standards.

The solid state devices are made with 16 AWG powder-coated steel, which is a durable and sturdy material that is well-suited for protecting data cables in outdoor environments. They also feature a 110 connector that accepts 22-26 AWG solid or standard copper wire, making them easy to install and use with a wide range of different data cables.

Features and Benefits:

  • Voltage: 30v, 75v
  • Certified Category 6
  • Frequencies up to 250 MHz
  • Equipped with an Internal Fuse Link
  • Exceeds UL497/UL497B Protection Standards
  • 16 AWG Powder Coated Steel
  • 110 Connector Accepts 22-26 AWG Solid or Standard Copper Wire