New Software Release for the xGenius is now available

Albedo Telecom is constantly improving xGenius and taking care of small issues to make it more valuable for you.

The most important bug corrections included in this software / firmware release are listed below:

  1. Fixed random incorrect FDV results in multi-stream configurations when the analysis runs in Port B.
  2. The unexpected “Error waiting PPS” message displayed at the beginning of a ToD NMEA test (clock monitor mode) has been corrected.
  3. The GNSS fixed mode now goes to manual once the position survey finishes. With this change, it is avoided to run unnecessary position surveys every time the tester boots up.
  4. Management of long file names in the file manager has been improved. Operations over files with long names are now not ignored. The maximum file name size has been increased too.
  5. SDT results are now included in all reports.
  6. The ITU-T G.821 test for datacom interfaces has been fixed.

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