CoverTel joins forces with Vixtel to help you maintain and increase your customer loyalty

Covertel and Vixtel

Mobile Service Providers (MSPs) are under increasing pressure to maintain customer loyalty in an era where consumers are given multiple incentives to evaluate a never ending quantity of “deals” on changing service providers and devices.

This being the case, how does an MSP hold onto their customer base and maintain that customer loyalty to their brand?

Machine data could hold the key to this challenge, and CoverTel in conjunction with our partner Vixtel, can show you how you can unlock that data and hold onto customers and maintain and increase that ever-important revenue stream.

CoverTel can show you how a machine data platform, such as the Vixtel V1500 APMVista 5G Network Performance Analyzer, can help you:

  • gain a real-time view of the health of the applications involved in the business transactions flowing across the order to activation process
  • improve security to increase revenue
  • protect vital data
  • create powerful insights based on individual customer experience by collecting and correlating a myriad of transactional data from databases, customer reference information, machine data from network switches, IVRs and ACDs, call recording infrastructure, and backend order processing systems,
  • prove compliance and more.

To download the datasheet on the Vixtel V1500 APMVista 5G Network Performance Analyzer please click here. If you would like to know more please give us a call on 1800 268 378 and one of our technical consultants will answer any questions you may have and/or arrange a demonstration. Alternatively, you can send us an email at

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