The New Age of Network Observability

The New Age of Network Observability

The New Age of Network Observability

Observability is defined as the ability to measure the internal state of a system based only on external information (outputs). The goal of observability in network computing is to answer all network questions quickly and easily. These "questions" can lead to quick resolution of network performance issues. This includes when and why it happened and how to troubleshoot and prevent it.

Mathematically, observability is part of control theory and is based on the relationship between system feedback and performance. Control theory involves setting inputs to achieve desired results (controllability) and measuring outputs to understand the state of the system (observability). These concepts have many applications in engineering, avionics, and other fields. Network observability solutions apply the definition of observability to the intelligent, interactive collection and analysis of data across distributed networks. The desired result of any network observability solution is smooth and continuous service to end users.

Digital transformation projects have undergone significant changes and have accelerated in recent years. It’s not expected to stop anytime soon which means that network operations teams and their counterparts will continue to face extreme pressure to manage, monitor, and optimize corporate networks. So why are many network teams still operating using 20th-century processes and approaches?

In this eBook “The New Age of Network Observability” you will gain insight from the history and current demand for digital acceleration.

Download the eBook below to start and connect to history with today's world.

This eBook gives you the “Why It Matters”

  • How digital transformation impacts the future of network performance monitoring
  • How to adapt and improve your approach to this critical discipline
  • Reliable and secure networks are the backbone of successful digital innovation

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