Meet Sophia and an assured PNT solution for power utilities

Meet Sophia and an assured PNT solution for power utilities

Is your critical network infrastructure too dependent on GNSS-based positioning, navigation, and timing services?

Do you have a robust PNT strategy that ensures services stay online at all times?

If you’re not sure, you need ADVA’s Assured Oscilloquartz aPNT+™ platform.

Positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) services are vital to today's critical infrastructure and Timing is essential to enable Positioning ang Navigation. Global positioning satellite systems (GNSS) deliver accurate PNT across nearly all sectors from communication to energy to national defense. Satellite signals, however, are weak and vulnerable to various vulnerabilities and cyber threats, including deliberate jamming and spoofing of PNT services. Just read a couple of these articles; GPS Error caused "12 hours of problems" for companies, Gallileo sat-nav system still without service. This poses a substantial threat to homeland and economic security, hence the need to swiftly deploy mitigation controls to secure our economies and societies. Assuring PNT by securing timing against cyberattacks and unintended disruptions has become a key component of in-depth national defense.

Integrated, Intelligent, and Scalable Solution

Designed with a scalable framework of three Key Building Blocks;

  1. Multi-layer detection of malicious and unintentional disturbances to GNSS signals
  2. Multi-source backup including cesium, PTP network timing, and in-device enhanced holdover oscillators
  3. Multi-level fault-tolerant mitigation through intelligent management of real-time synchronization

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