Enterprise Performance Management

Enterprise Performance Management

Enterprise-Wide Performance Visibility from Infrastructure to Applications

With an influx of emerging technologies and the rapid rate of change, network managers need end-to-end insight and complete visibility from the physical infrastructure and storage to the network and newest applications.

Distributed analysis keeps data cruising with 360° network visibility and provides access from high-level health views to individual data packets. With Viavi performance management solutions, you also get insight into latency-sensitive applications - plus advanced troubleshooting muscle with predictive analysis for managing distributed networks, increased bandwidth demands, and more.

Using proprietary packet capture technology, Viavi offers the ability to mine network data and apply deep packet analytics to optimize resources in real time. This powerful toolset features fast capture rates and over a petabyte of storage capacity. This means you can immediately apply insights for predictive planning, issue prevention, troubleshooting, problem resolution, and network fine-tuning. Test and monitor the interconnections between data centers and branch offices to help ensure the WAN connections do not become bottlenecks.

Observer Apex

Viavi Observer Apex

Observer Apex delivers aggregated dashboard views of network and device health in a user-friendly, web-based interface.


Observer GigaFlow

Viavi Observer GigaFlow

Observer GigaFlow enables intelligent automation by matching devices, applications, and systems with best practice monitoring rules, thresholds, events, and alert


Observer GigaStor

Viavi Observer GigaStor

Observer GigaStor helps deliver optimal network and application performance.


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