A new partnership with Narda Test Solutions

CoverTel is dedicated to prioritizing the needs and interests of its customers, which is why it is excited to announce a new partnership with Narda Safety Test Solutions. This partnership will allow CoverTel to provide its customers with innovative solutions that can help them overcome the many challenges involved in effective radio monitoring and interference signal detection. This means that they will be able to identify and resolve any interference issues that may arise, ensuring that their communications infrastructure remains reliable and effective.

Through this partnership, CoverTel will be able to further enhance the services and value it offers to its customers. The addition of Narda Safety Test Solutions to CoverTel's comprehensive solution portfolio will provide customers with even more options and tools to improve their telecommunications infrastructure.

The partnership is significant for CoverTel because it demonstrates the company's commitment to constantly improving its offerings and delivering the best possible solutions to its customers. CoverTel is confident that this new partnership will enable it to continue to strengthen its portfolio and provide its customers with the most advanced and effective telecommunications solutions available on the market today.

About Narda Safety Test Solutions

Based in Germany, Narda Safety Test Solutions, known as Narda STS, is one of the leading providers of high quality, application-tailored test solutions. To achieve its signature excellence in test equipment design, Narda conducts comprehensive customer surveys during R&D, relying on direct user feedback to guide design for Narda RF safety meters, probes and other devices. Highly specialized engineers in Narda’s development unit combined their decades of experience with the latest hardware and software tools and materials ensures that Narda’s customers are equipped with the best.

Stay tuned for future partnership updates.

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