ADVA launches market’s first 25G demarcation solution

demarcation solution

ADVA has introduced the FSP 150-XJ128, which is the first device of its kind in the industry that provides an easy path to 25Gbit/s connectivity services. This solution has been specifically designed to allow enterprise networks to grow in an easy and affordable manner. In the past, businesses had to make a choice between using their 10Gbit/s devices or investing in expensive 100Gbit/s ones. The FSP 150-XJ128 allows them to handle increasing data demand without needing to use complex modulation techniques or spending a lot of money on expanding their infrastructure. This device can be easily added to existing network infrastructure and delivers 2.5 times the bandwidth at a lower cost per bit.

"What we’re offering businesses is a solution that hits the sweet spot. It empowers enterprise networks to handle significantly more workloads and data-hungry applications without major investment."

Eli Angel, VP, product line management, ADVA

The ADVA FSP 150-XJ128 is a solution that is suitable for 5G internet sites that are looking to upgrade to 25Gbit/s and it is perfect for getting cable networks ready for DOCSIS 4.0 and beyond. This compact device can handle 25Gbit/s Ethernet services with advanced features for managing and monitoring the internet connection. It's designed to be cost-effective for high-bandwidth applications, it doesn't require any fans to cool it down, and it can work in a wide range of temperatures which eliminates the need for expensive cooling systems. It also has specialized hardware to ensure that the timing of internet connection is accurate. It can be managed by ADVA's Ensemble Controller and Ensemble Packet Director that makes it easy to control and manage the network.

Our FSP 150-XJ128 is the technology that businesses have been calling for. It empowers them to take the natural next step with zero hassle and without unnecessary expense. For many enterprises, trying to manage rapidly rising bandwidth needs using 10Gbit/s demarcation devices has become a real headache. Yet it doesn’t make economic sense to overhaul their entire system and go all the way to 100Gbit/s. What we’re providing is the ideal stepping stone for secure business growth. Until today, there was no middle ground. Now, businesses can slot our FSP 150-XJ128 into their existing network infrastructure and seize new revenue opportunities.” said Christoph Glingener, CTO, ADVA.

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