ADVA launches GPS-backup-as-a-service to help service providers combat GNSS cyberattacks

ADVA GPS-backup-as-a-service

ADVA is enabling service provider customers to offer GPS/GNSS backup as a service (GBaaS) to safeguard services that rely on positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) information. GBaaS meets the latest recommendations for PNT homeland security like US Executive Order 13905. The world's critical infrastructure is still without adequate protection from GNSS vulnerabilities, but GBaaS can change that.

ADVA's aPNT+™ platform, which leverages a suite of technologies, makes networks more resilient against cyberattacks and delivers highly accurate backup when GNSS fails. Service providers can now offer aPNT+™ protection as part of their Service Level Agreement (SLA).

"Now service providers can offer ADVA’s aPNT+™ protection as a subscription-based service as part of their SLAs."

Gil Biran, GM of Oscilloquartz, ADVA

ADVA's GBaaS solution employs multi-layer detection, multi-source backup and fault-tolerant mitigation to render timing networks more secure. It also provides comprehensive and precise synchronization performance monitoring and analytics.

GBaaS allows service providers to sell critical PNT infrastructure as a service without the burden of investment and maintenance, and offers SLAs that ensure the resilient and assured timing needed across time-sensitive networks and applications.

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