Finding Interference in Mobile Cellular Networks

Interference is a common problem in mobile cellular networks and can negatively impact the performance and user experience. Despite advancements in technology, finding the source of interference remains a challenge.

One of the main difficulties in detecting interference is that it can come from a variety of sources. Interference can be caused by external sources such as other radio frequency (RF) devices, or it can be internal, such as a malfunctioning base station or cell site.

Another challenge is that interference can often be intermittent, making it difficult to detect and diagnose. For example, an interfering signal may only occur at specific times or in specific locations, making it difficult to capture and analyse.

Furthermore, the vast number of devices and users in a cellular network can also make it challenging to pinpoint the source of interference. Each device operates on a unique frequency, and with so many devices in close proximity, it can be difficult to determine which device is causing the problem.

To overcome these challenges, network operators use a combination of tools and techniques to detect and mitigate interference. For example, they can use network measurement tools to monitor the quality of the network, or they can use spectrum analyzers to identify the source of interference.

Narda Safety Solutions is hosting a free live webinar on finding interference in mobile cellular networks with Narda SignalShark.

Webinar Details

The live webinar will cover the following topics as well as any questions you may have.

  • How SIMPLE and TIME-SAVING Interference FINDING is with Narda SignalShark
  • How sophisticated vehicle-based Radio Direction Finding can be
  • How SignalShark can forward its localization result to a navigation app which will guide you to the interferer
  • How SignalShark can be tailormade to your applications: SignalShark is ready for the future. That is guaranteed by its open platform design and numerous facilities for expansion. So, it can be adapted optimally to every application.

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The webinar will take place on February 15 at 3:00am and 8:00PM (AEST) and feature a live Q&A session with Narda experts.

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