The Importance of Fibre Cleaning & Maintenance

The Importance of Fiber Cleaning & Maintenance

Fibre optic cables are becoming more and more important in our daily lives. They are used to transmit large amounts of information in a short period, and we strongly rely on them to maintain a reliable network connection. However, many things could potentially slow down the transmission of data, such as contaminated connectors and congested networks. As such, preventative maintenance is recommended to ensure that a system is running smoothly. Regular maintenance, cleaning, and inspections of the network all have long-term effects on the network’s performance and reliability.

Here’s why it’s important to perform regular fibre cleaning and maintenance:

  • Guaranteeing Your Network to Run at Its Best - By regularly performing fibre maintenance, such as cleaning your splices and connectors properly, your network will be able to run at its best performance.
  • Preparing for Sudden Changes - In order to continuously provide reliable service, network operators must actively monitor the integrity of the optical fibre infrastructure.
  • Maintaining Data Centres Performance - A routine fibre inspection and maintenance will protect the cables from external interference – such as bent or crushed cables, thus preventing any performance issues during day-to-day operations.
  • Preventing Contamination-Related Issues - Regular fibre cleaning, inspection, and maintenance will help to eliminate these issues and prevent any disruption to the service.

There are several high performance fibre optic cleaning solutions available from US Conec that can be used for cleaning fibre optics in a simple and effective manner. Watch the video below to learn how easy it is to clean a dirty Fibre Optic Connector using the right cleaning solution!

In conclusion, fibre cleaning and maintenance are essential for today’s fiber networks. Properly cleaned end-faces is equally important as well as choosing your Fiber Inspection & Cleaning tools and methods. VIAVI Solutions’ award-winning FiberChek family delivers the industry’s best solutions to ensure that “Inspect Before You Connect” is easy and reliable for every fibre test. Similarly, US Conec specializes in providing the right tools and easy-to-follow guidelines for proper fibre optic cleaning. We have the complete range of IBC Fiber Patch Cord and Bulk Head Cleaners starting at $92.50 ex GST. To view the range, click here.

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