Telcos Seeking 5G Rollout Success are Embracing Automation

Telecommunications  Companies Seeking  5G Rollout Success are Embracing Automation

"5G is still on track to become the fastest adopted mobile generation in history with subscriptions growing at a rate of approximately one million per day".  - Ericsson's June 2021 Mobility Report

A constant blow to the telecommunications (telecom) industry is a drop in average revenue per user (ARPUs). That is why 5G is being looked at by many telecom service providers to look over the usual revenue channels.

Choosing between a non-standalone 5G architecture or a standalone 5G architecture is one of the most important factors when performing 5G capabilities. These two types of 5G architectures are managed by the roll out of 5G services in the larger market. Hence, the possibility of a successful 5G rollout has a lot more discussion to make.

From a consumer perspective, 5G can be very beneficial in terms of speed, high-reliability with minimal delay, and supporting millions of connections. An excellent value proposition is also meant to prepare telecom providers to handle increased volumes and failing to meet the growing demand means that the likelihood of a successful rollout will be limited.

Here are some of many testimonials from the large telecom companies around the world in their 5G rollouts:

"We felt RPA was a good fit because it allowed us to maintain the same level of resource and still be able to deliver better services faster and more reliably than ever before."

- Juha Viikki, Head of Quality, Process and Automation at DNA

"Telecommunications companies are ideal for RPA. We have huge databases of customer data and work with mountains of transactional data. … We can make processing faster and more accurate, which, in turn, leads to better customer service."

- Tomi Korpela, Head of Customer and Online Solutions at Elisa

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