Indoor Industrial Steel Compact VoIP ringdown telephone


Guardian Telecom’s SIP-enabled SCR-41-V Indoor Industrial Steel Compact VoIP ringdown telephone is a rugged and reliable VoIP phone designed to deliver clear and dependable communication in challenging environments. Made with heavy-duty materials, including a steel enclosure and stainless steel hardware, this phone is equipped with full duplex voice operation, PoE compatibility, and is compatible with SIP RFC 3261 compliant IP-PBX and Cloud-based servers. With its network web management interface and Guardian Discovery Utility, the SCR-41-V is easy to detect, locate, and configure. Other features include noise-reducing microphone, magnetic hook-switch, and modular parts for easy servicing. The SCR-41-V is also hearing aid compatible, making it an essential tool for anyone who needs to stay connected in noisy industrial environments.


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Guardian Telecom has developed an Indoor Industrial Steel Compact VoIP ringdown telephone that is specifically designed to work well in places where regular phones might not be suitable. This phone is made with tough materials and has a cord that won’t break easily. You can use it to make phone calls in places that are noisy or have other challenges.

Using the phone is easy: just pick up the handset and it will automatically dial the number you want to call. The phone is particularly good for use in factories, mines, or other industrial settings, where it can be hard to make phone calls that are clear and reliable.

Originally, these types of phones were created for use in Canadian potash mines, which are very tough environments. But since then, they’ve become a popular choice for anyone who needs to make phone calls in challenging settings. With this phone, you can be sure that you’ll be able to communicate effectively, no matter where you are.

Features and Benefits:

  • “Full” duplex voice operation
  • PoE 802.3af enabled (Power-over-Ethernet) or alternate power source
  • Compatible with SIP RFC 3261 compliant IP-PBX and Cloud based servers
  • Network web management interface
  • Guardian Discovery Utility makes it easy to detect, locate and launch the web based configuration screens
  • Web Interface provides full configuration over device. Some key features include
    1. Handset Volume and Microphone default level settings
    2. Relay activation management
    3. Call timers/
    4. Event Management – Real Time Monitoring
    5. Product Updates
    6. Product Automated configuration
  • 16 gauge zinc dichromate plated steel enclosure with powder coat finish
  • Heavy duty G type industrial volume control handset
  • Rust and corrosion resistant stainless steel hardware
  • Electret noise reducing microphone
  • Magnetic reed hook-switch reduces moving parts subject to wear
  • Operating temperature range from -40˚ to +140˚F (-40˚ to +60˚C)
  • Electronic ringer for reliability
  • Modular parts for easy service
  • Hearing aid compatible