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Power Utility Tester

Zeus, named after the god of thunder, provides deep insights to design, install, maintain, troubleshoot and engineer communications infrastructures of the Smart Grid and more particularly of the Power Substations. The unit is able to test Ethernet/IP, PTP, GbE, IRIG-B, T1/E1, G703, C37.94, GOOSE, SV and MMS protocols. One-way-delay tests, assisted by GPS, is possible at all interfaces.

It also has a set of programmable filters to capture live data traffic at wire-speed. It verifies WAN and Substations communications and supports new IEC 61850 protocols such as PTP or GOOSE and the legacy as well such as IRIG-B, C37.94 or G703.

With Zeus you will get a perfect vision & control of your infrastructures improving protection & data acquisition

Zeus the ultimate Power Utility Tester

Key Features and Benefits

  • Battery Operated (up to 12 hours of continuous work)
  • Small, smart and very fast
  • SoftLEDs © all events at a glance
  • Landscape ergonomy / Weight: 1.9 kg
  • Built-in clock reference inputs and outputs signals
  • VNC remote control for centralized operation
  • 100% compact
  • Independent from PC or any external hardware/software
  • BNC + RJ-45: E1 / T1 balanced / unbalanced testing
  • Dual SFP ports for GbE
  • Built in clock reference inputs and outputs, including GNSS
  • Double RJ-45 ports: 10 / 100 / 1000 Mb/s Ethernet
  • Complete set of Serial Communications
  • Full C37.94 support
  • Round Trip and One Way Delay in all interfaces (GPS assisted)
  • MicroSD card to capture and save data


CoverTel Telecommunications Group
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