ADVA launches industry’s 1st ePRC optical cesium clock solution

"Communication service providers never again have to compromise between performance and lifetime."

Gil Biran
General Manager, Oscilloquartz, ADVA

ADVA has released a new type of cesium clock called Oscilloquartz OSA 3350 ePRC+. It is the first of its kind, using optical cesium to keep extremely accurate time. Compared to other clocks of this type, it is much more stable and can last much longer. This clock is the first of its kind to have SNMP support. It's a critical time to release this new clock because there are more and more problems with GNSS outages caused by jamming and spoofing attacks. The OSA 3350 ePRC+ is an important backup system for critical systems such as mobile networks and power utilities, which depend on satellite timing. It meets the performance demands and cost requirements needed for mobile networks moving to 5G.

The OSA 3350 ePRC+ clock has an all-digital design and uses optical-pumping techniques, which provide an extremely stable frequency source. When used with enhanced primary reference time clocks (ePRTCs), this clock can keep accurate time for up to 14 days, with an accumulated error of up to 35 nanoseconds. This is much better than the ITU-T ePRC G.811.1 standard, which requires an accumulated error under 70 nanoseconds. The OSA 3350 ePRC+ clock also has a longer lifespan of over 10 years, which is twice the lifespan of high-performance magnetic cesium clocks. The clock has a modular design and works with many different synchronization output interfaces used in telecoms, and is also easy to manage with SNMP. The clock is also integrated into ADVA's Ensemble management and control software for ease of use. Finally, the clock is compliant with RoHS regulations. Watch the video below to learn more.

Meet Kevin and a new era of optical cesium technology

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