Meet Zeus – a network tester for Utilities

Introducing Zeus, the ultimate tester for the power industry’s communication needs!

Designed to help you maintain and troubleshoot communication infrastructures in the Smart Grid, Zeus provides deep insights to make your job easier.

With Zeus Utility Tester, you can install, maintain and troubleshoot various communication protocols including Ethernet/IP, PTP, IRIG-B, C37.94, GOOSE, SV and MMS protocols. One-way-delay testing is assisted by GPS in all interfaces and protocols with integrated set of programmable filters to capture live data traffic at wire-speed.

No more guessing or struggling to keep your communication infrastructure in check – Zeus has got you covered. Its advanced technology and features enable you to diagnose and solve any communication issues quickly and effectively.

Make your job easier and more efficient with Zeus. Get your hands on the ultimate tester for the power industry’s communication needs!

Network Tester to install and maintain the (tele)communications of the power industry

Key Features

  • GOOSE, SV, MMS protocol capture and save in PCAP format for analysis
  • GOOSE and SV time offset and propagation delay
  • I/O time refs.: IRIG-B, PTP, SyncE, T1/E1, 10/2/1.5 Mb/s, 1PPS, 1PP2S, ToD, GNSS
  • Internal Oscillator: Rubidium, OCXO
  • PTP master / slave
  • SyncE/PTP wander analysis/generation
  • FULL T1/E1 test Jitter/Wander, Pulse
  • Asymmetry or One-Way-Delay with GPS
  • Datacom: V11, V24, V35, V36, EIA530, EIA530A, Co-dir
  • C37.94 analysis/generation
  • SNMP/MIB support

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