Zero-Delay Fast Ethernet Copper Tap

Image Network Tap ETAP1000Zero-Delay Fast Ethernet Copper Tap

Dualcomm ETAP-1000 is a Network Tap for use with a 100Base-T Fast Ethernet copper link. It ensures zero packet delay, which is critically useful for capturing or monitoring packet traffic flow in a delay/latency-sensitive network such as EtherCAT and PROFINET.
Product Features:

  • Network Tap for use with a 100Base-T fast Ethernet copper link
  • Zero packet delay
  • Failsafe and Link Fault Pass-Through
  • Gigabit monitor port to capture packets without dropping a single packet
  • Compatible with PoE with PoE power pass-through between two inline ports
  • USB Powered
  • Metal case. Small form factor
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