Fiber Puller Insertion and Removal Tool

Westek’s Fiber Tool installs and removes: SC, FC, ST, LC, and COAX/DS3 connectors. This elegant device simply fits into a shirt pocket or tool pouch and is ergonomically designed to fit the hands of today’s technician while at the same time mitigates any potential for repetitive motion or significant squeeze issues/injuries. This is the only tool on the market that can solve connectorization issues for Telephone and Cable Facility Providers as well as Enterprise Data Centers. It supports all Fiber optic modes, both SingleMode and MultiMode, including WDM, DWDM and CDWM and their derivatives in FTTx (Premises/Node/Home).

Product Features:

  • Integrated flashlight feature enables tech to see in low-lit areas
  • Extremely well balanced with ergonomic pads that provide the minimum pressure necessary to capture/place the connector
  • Eliminates from touching or moving other connectors preventing service disruption
  • Patented locking ratchet design to hold plugs securely
  • Designed to fit comfortably in either hand

Why choose Westek?

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