Experience Hassle-Free Network Troubleshooting with ALBEDO xGenius

The Albedo xGenius is a telecom tester that can test multiple types of technology used in the utilities industry. It is small enough to hold in your hand and has all the features engineers need to install and maintain tele-protection, transmission, and synchronization resources in sub-stations. This handheld telecom tester can handle a variety of different data transfer speeds and protocols such as C37.94, PTP with Power Profile, Double Port 10GbE, Co/Contra-directional, DTE/DCE from 50 b/s to 2.048 Mb/s, T1/E1, and One-Way-Delay on all interfaces.

A 'Must-Have' Tool for the Power Industry

The xGenius helps telco engineers manage the communication and protection systems that are used in sub-stations. It has all the features that engineers and telco technicians need to set up and monitor these systems.

The power grid is a complex system that requires accurate timing for various applications, such as billing during peak hours, managing energy demand, and ensuring that the power generated is enough to meet demand. Phasors with PTP are key elements for achieving this timing accuracy, and clocks are installed across the power grid since it is distributed in nature.

To ensure that the power grid is protected, reliable transmission links are necessary for the relays that control and monitor the system. These transmission links need to be able to withstand the effects of high-voltage and high-frequency inductions, as well as ground potential rise. In recent times, utilities have shifted towards using optical media to connect the different devices located in substations. Optical media provides better resilience to interference and makes the transmission links more reliable. Using these advanced technologies helps make the power grid more reliable and efficient.

Case Studies

  • OPERATIONS 'We need a compact tester that can activate the GbE network and also be compatible with PTP technology featuring Power Profile'
  • FINANCE 'Budget also includes an appliance to verify how it all works'
  • MANAGEMENT 'Engineers must be confident to troubleshoot all technologies deployed at the substation'
  • ENGINEER 'Migration towards C37.94 has been decided but T1/E1 links are still in use'
  • LAB 'Prepare a PTP Master/Slave emulator to verify the clocks I'm concerned if wander reaching the limit'
  • POWER 'We need accurate measurements an OWD in the Ethernet, Datacom, C37.94 and T1 interfaces'

Features and Benefits

  • Ports: SFP+, 2RJ45, 2BNC, RJ48, 4xSMA, 2xSS26
  • I/O time references: 10/2/1.5 Mb/s, SyncE, 1 pps, ToD, GNSS
  • Internal Oscillator: Rubidium, OCXO
  • PTP master / slave
  • SyncE/PTP wander analysis/generation
  • FULL T1/E1 test Jitter/Wander, Pulse
  • One-Way Delay test (GNSS accuracy)
  • Datacom: V11, V24, V35, V36, EIA530, EIA530A, Co-dir
  • C37.94 analysis/generation
  • SNMP/MIB support

The ALBEDO xGenius is the ultimate telecom tester for technicians responsible for setting up and maintaining communication systems. With its rugged case, this handheld telecom tester can withstand even the toughest conditions. It comes equipped with all the necessary connections and can be easily upgraded with additional features by using a simple code.

The ALBEDO xGenius provides invaluable insights to simplify even the most complex issues, helping technicians get a complete picture of the network. Say goodbye to the hassle of troubleshooting with incomplete information. With the ALBEDO xGenius, you can ensure that your network is up and running smoothly, saving you time and resources. For a demo or if you have any questions, please call us on 1800 COVERTEL (1800 268 378) or contact us here.

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