Timing flexibility for technology migration


Net.Time Ταυ by Albedo Telecom is conceived as a new-generation clock intended to facilitate the transition from to the new PTP networks. With this purpose in mind Net.Time offers seamless translation between SNTP and PTP presenting a wide variety of inputs / outputs for primary or backup time references.

Net.Time an industry-wide solution
Net.Time Ταυ represents the state-of-the-art in timing that can be configured as Master, Boundary and Slave clock to distribute a large variety of timing signals including PTP, NTP, SyncE, ToD, IRIG-B, PPS, T1, E1 and MHz. It simplifies the migration to most advanced synchronization based on time, phase and frequency protocols offering seamless integration between different architectures and time technologies.

Key Features

  • GNSS built-in 72 channels
  • Rubidium / OCXO oscillator
  • Power / Telecom PTP profile
  • PRP network fault tolerant
  • Full NTP support
  • Simultaneous PTP and NTP
  • I/O: PTP, NTP, ToD, PPS, IRIG-B, SyncE, T1/E1, MHz
  • SSH password and fully encrypted configuration
  • Carrier-class: 2 x Vac / Vdc
  • +65ºC fan-less operation
  • 256 PTP unicast clients
  • IEC 61850 compliant
  • Modules: future proof


  • Universal Protocol translator
  • Universal Profile translator
  • Network fault tolerant
  • No PRP RedBox required
  • Time assurance: n x refs
  • Flexibility: multiple outputs


  • Master / Boundary / Slave
  • Substation clock
  • Air Traffic Control
  • 5G Edge clock
  • Stand-alone GPS clock
  • NTP server

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