Six Months of Threat Actor Innovation….

As NETSCOUT’s 1H 2021 Threat Intelligence Report shows, the long tail of cybercrime innovation swept through the lockdown days of the COVID-19 pandemic to infiltrate the bulk of 2021.

The vulnerabilities introduced by the global shift to online work and play are admittedly an outlier event. But as this infographic shows, the avidity of the threat actors’ response is a clear indicator of the need for an integrated global response to combat the cybercrime crisis.

The Takeaway

Nearly 5.4 million DDoS attacks hit the world in the first six months of 2021—a record-setting pace.

  • Seven emergent attack vectors in seven months represents a much faster discover-and-weaponize rate than we usually see.
  • Meanwhile, threat actors discovered ever-more-ingenious ways to part organizations from their money, such as the advent of triple extortion ransomware and DDoS extortion campaigns.
  • Such scenarios only highlight the vital role of advanced and automated DDoS technology.


Written by Carol Hildebrand

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