Stand-alone DS1 – T1/E1 Remotely Managed NID

S6010 Series

The Stand-alone DS1 – T1/E1 Remotely Managed NID S6010 is a device that helps extend telephone connections over fiber optic cables. It has two ports, one for a twisted pair cable and one for a fiber optic cable. It needs to be used with another similar device on the other end of the cable connection. It can be managed through another device called the C6010 card installed in a special chassis. This device comes in different types that can be used for different types of fiber optic cables and distances. Additionally, it can also support the use of special types of optical cables to increase the amount of data that can be transmitted.

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Stand-alone DS1 – T1/E1 Remotely Managed Network Interface Devices (NID)
DS1 – T1/E1 over Fiber
S6010 Series

The ION S6010 is a stand-alone managed media converter that can be used to extend telephone connections over fiber optic cabling. It is designed for use with DS1 (T1/E1) or PRI (Primary Rate Interface) connections. This means that it can be used to convert the signals that are sent over traditional copper telephone lines, which use the DS1 or T1/E1 standard, into signals that can be transmitted over fiber optic cables.

The device has two ports: a twisted pair RJ-48 port and a fiber port. The twisted pair RJ-48 port is used to connect to the traditional telephone line, while the fiber port is used to connect to the fiber optic cable. In order to use this device, it must be paired with another identical device on the other end of the fiber link. This ensures that the signals sent over the fiber optic cable are properly converted back into the original DS1 or T1/E1 signals.

The ION S6010 can be managed through the C6010 card installed in a managed ION Chassis. This card allows you to remotely configure and monitor the device over the fiber link. This is known as in-band management, as it uses the same fiber link that the signals are being transmitted over.

The ION S6010 is available in different versions, with fixed fiber connectors or an open SFP (Small Form-factor Pluggable) slot. This allows you to choose the type of fiber connector that is best suited to your network, and also allows you to use different types of SFPs, such as those that support different fiber types, distances, or wavelengths. This provides maximum flexibility for any network topology. In addition, CWDM (Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing) SFPs can be used to further increase the bandwidth capacity of the fiber infrastructure. This allows multiple channels to be transmitted simultaneously on the same fiber, increasing the amount of data that can be transmitted over the fiber link.

Key features and Benefits:

  • Remote in-band management
  • Local or Remote Loopbacks – Copper or Fiber
  • Switch selectable for T1 or E1
  • Remote firmware upgrade
  • LEDs for immediate visual status
  • Supports dual or single fiber
  • Supports multimode and single mode fiber at a variety of distances
  • Supports CWDM SFPs
  • SNMP management when used with ION chassis and management module
  • Remote stand-alone can be managed by local peer
  • Extend PRI over fiber
  • Must be used in pairs