Unmanaged Hardened Gigabit PoE+ Ethernet Switch


The SISTP1040-242-LRT Unmanaged Hardened Gigabit PoE+ Ethernet Switch is a device that is easy to use and allows you to connect multiple devices at the edge of a network that is built to withstand tough conditions. It has ports that can be used with devices that need power, and two ports that can be used for fiber connections that can communicate over long distances. It also has two other ports that can be used to create a backup connection for added reliability. This switch is built to work well in tough conditions like hot or cold temperatures, and is certified to be used in dangerous areas like factories or outdoor places.

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Unmanaged Hardened Gigabit PoE+ Ethernet Switch
(4) 10/100/100Base-T PoE+ and (2) 1000Base-X SFP Ports

The SISTP1040-242-LRT Unmanaged Hardened Gigabit PoE+ Ethernet Switch is a powerful and versatile network device that is designed to be used in harsh and hazardous environments. It is a multi-port switch that can be easily connected to other devices with just a simple plug-and-play setup. The PoE+ Ethernet Switch is positioned at the edge of a network that has been built to withstand tough conditions, and it is used to provide connections for PoE devices in such hazardous locations.

One of the key features of this PoE+ Ethernet Switch is its two gigabit speed Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) ports. These ports provide ultimate flexibility in fiber connections and communication distances. This means that the switch can be used to connect to other devices over long distances using fiber optic cables, providing high-speed and reliable data transfer.

Another important feature of this switch is its two uplink ports, which can also be used in a redundant ring configuration for maximum network reliability. This means that if one of the connections fails, the other one will automatically take over, ensuring that the network stays up and running without interruption.

The SISTP1040-242-LRT switch is also designed to be safe and reliable in hazardous locations. It is Class I/Division 2 certified, which means that it meets strict safety standards for use in areas where flammable gases, vapors, or liquids are present. The switch also provides 30 watts of power per port on all ports simultaneously, which is enough to power most PoE devices. Additionally, it has redundant input power connections, which means that if one power source fails, the other one will take over.

The PoE+ Ethernet Switch also comes with a fault alarm relay, which can be used to alert the network administrator of any issues that may arise, allowing them to take prompt action to resolve the problem. The switch is built to operate reliably in temperatures between -40⁰C and +75⁰C, which means it can function in extremely cold or hot environments.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Provides 4 10/100/1000Base-T(X) PoE (P.S.E.) ports based on IEEE 802.3at standard
  • 2 1000Base-X SFP slots for daisy chain
  • Supports dual 44 – 57 VDC power< inputs for power redundancy
  • Polarity Reverse Protection
  • AutoCross™ MDI/MDI-x and Auto-negotiation
  • Extended (-40°C to 75°C) operating temperature
  • Dry Contact Relay Alarm Output
  • DIN Rail Mounting and Wall Mount Brackets Included
  • Class 1 Div 2 Certified