External Optical Fibre Cleaning Kit

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This external optical fibre cleaning kit has the best tools to effectively remove the toughest contaminants with ease. Each item in this kit is carefully hand picked to give users all the fibre optic cleaning tools they need to get the job done right.

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External Optical Fibre Cleaning Kit

Introducing the revolutionary Telstra Approved Fibre Optic Cleaning Kit, a game-changer for anyone tired of dealing with dirty fibre optic connectors and cables. This innovative kit is designed to make cleaning fast, reliable, and affordable, offering a comprehensive solution for achieving top-notch performance in fibre optic connections.

Inside this all-in-one kit, you’ll discover a collection of high-quality cleaning products from US Conec, Cletop, and Microcare, carefully selected to provide exceptional results. From the remarkable Sticklers CleanWipes™ fibre optic cleaning wipes to the versatile Cletop Cleaning Sticks that cater to different connector sizes, this kit has you covered. It also includes cleaning swabs and the incredible US Conec one-click fibre optic cleaners.

No matter where your work takes you, whether it’s in the field, a laboratory, or as part of an installation and repair team, this Telstra Approved fibre optic cleaning kit is your reliable companion. It’s perfect for a wide range of applications, from pre-splicing fibre cleaning to achieving crystal-clear connections for single-mode, multimode, high-power, or plastic optical fibres.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. 800+ Cleanings: With over 800 “wet/dry” cleanings per kit, you’ll get the best value for your money. This kit lasts longer and is more cost-effective, providing a large number of cleanings before needing replacement.
  2. Convenient and Comprehensive: This kit has everything you need for fast, convenient, and reliable fibre optic cleaning. No need to purchase separate cleaning products and tools, saving you time and money while ensuring an effective and streamlined cleaning process.
  3. Quick and Affordable: Say goodbye to time-consuming cleaning routines. This kit enables you to clean in seconds, delivering exceptional cleanliness at just a few cents per clean. It’s a cost-effective solution that provides outstanding results every time.
  4. Easy to Spot: The bright yellow poly bag makes it easy to locate the kit, even in busy or cluttered workspaces. You won’t waste time searching for your equipment, reducing the risk of misplacing it.
  5. Secure Storage: The kit features extra pockets for storing your tools, inspection scopes, and strippers securely. You can keep all your essential equipment within reach, ensuring a smooth and efficient cleaning process.
  6. Travel-Friendly: Worried about transporting your cleaning equipment? This kit is designed for travel safety and can be shipped easily and safely to any location, including by air. You won’t incur additional “Hazmat” fees, making it a convenient and cost-effective option.

Each kit includes;

ItemCoverTel Part NumberQuantity
50ml IPA bottleCOVIPA502
Lint free wipesWFW2
Cletop cleaning sticks 2.5mmCOVcletop2.5mm5050
Cleaning swab, optical fibre 99% IPACOVswab20050
2.5mm connector cleaner93921
Nitrile glovesN/A10 (5 pair)
Small torchCOVTRCH1
Soft Carry CaseCOVYLWBAG1
Information LeafletN/A1

Telstra approved serial item 35301447

For more details, refer to MSDS for IPA.

For more details, refer to MSDS for swabs.

Additional information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions60 × 40 × 20 cm