Cletop Cleaning Stick 2.5mm White, Pack of 50

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Cletop cleaning stick is used to clean the end face of fibre optic connecters such as SC, FC, ST, E2000 or 2.5mm ferruled interfaces.

They are designed for in-situ/behind the panel cleaning or hard to reach areas.

May be used dry or moistened with 99% Pure Isopropyl Alcohol when cleaning optical fibre bulkhead interfaces.

These cletop cleaning sticks are disposable and for single use only.

Supplied as a pack of 50 sticks.

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CLETOP Cleaning Stick 2.5mm

The CLETOP Cleaning Stick, 2.5mm (50 pcs) is a high-quality optical connector cleaner designed to meet the needs of cable assembly factories and field installations. With its advanced features and benefits, it ensures optimal performance and longevity for your fibre optic connections. 

Key Features:

  • 400+ cleans per unit: Each CLETOP Cleaning Stick offers an impressive number of cleans, providing long-lasting usage and cost-effectiveness.
  • Anti-static system: This innovative feature produces a pristine endface and minimizes contaminant attraction, ensuring excellent signal transmission and reducing the risk of data loss.
  • Optimized for in-situ/behind the panel cleaning: The CLETOP Cleaning Stick is specifically designed for efficient cleaning in tight spaces, making it ideal for cleaning connectors in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Plastic base: The cleaning stick’s plastic base minimizes concerns about fibre tip damage, ensuring the longevity of your cleaning tool and avoiding potential costly replacements.
  • Tightly woven, engineered cloth design: The cleaning stick’s cloth is meticulously engineered with a tightly woven design, providing effective removal of dirt, dust, and contaminants from your fibre optic connectors.
  • Washed cloth technology: The cloth is pre-washed, eliminating contamination from loose fibres, ensuring a clean and reliable connection.


  • Cable assembly factories: The CLETOP Cleaning Stick is perfect for maintaining the cleanliness of cable assemblies during the manufacturing process, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.
  • Cleaning cable assemblies in field installations: Whether you’re setting up fibre optic connections in a data centre or installing cables in a telecommunications network, this cleaning stick is your go-to solution for keeping your connections pristine.
  • Field Installations: Cleaning in-situ/behind the panel connectors: When you need to clean connectors located in tight spaces or behind panels, the CLETOP Cleaning Stick’s compact design and optimized cleaning capabilities make it an ideal choice.
  • Standards Compliance: The CLETOP Cleaning Stick meets industry standards IEC-61300-3-35 and IEC-TSB-XYZ, ensuring that your cleaning process aligns with industry best practices.
  • Tx/Rx cleaning: Whether you’re transmitting or receiving signals, the CLETOP Cleaning Stick guarantees that your fibre optic connectors are properly cleaned, maximizing signal quality and minimizing data loss.


  • Manufacturer Part Number: 14713 (P/N 14100400)
  • Brand: NTT-AT CLETOP Series
  • Style: Stick
  • Connector Type: SC, FC, ST, E2000
  • Cleaning Function: In Situ Cable Assemblies
  • Use Type: Disposable
  • Ferrule Size: 2.5mm


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