N2 Series of Network Packet Brokers

Modular Network Packet Broker

The 2847 and 2845 chassis are part of the N2 series, which are advanced, next-generation network packet brokers designed to provide a robust visibility adaptation layer. These chassis can be configured as independent visibility nodes or as part of an NVC (Network Visibility Controller) managed cluster of visibility fabrics with a range of modules, as part of the highly scalable architecture of the N2 series. Packet brokers are network devices that process, filter, and forward packets within a network. They are used to improve network visibility and security by allowing administrators to monitor and analyze traffic flows, and to identify and mitigate threats. Packet brokers can also be used to optimize network performance by reducing the amount of traffic that needs to be sent to monitoring and analysis tools.

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N2 Series of Network Packet Brokers

The Niagara Networks Advanced N2 series is a multi-purpose visibility solution that introduces a layer between the network infrastructure and cybersecurity services, and is designed to load balance traffic between the attached devices. The N2 series features sophisticated, flow-aware load balancing schemes that are user-configurable, allowing for the support of various load balance schemes simultaneously for different sets of connected cybersecurity devices. The advanced second-generation packet broker will also dynamically adjust the load balancing based on the number of actively attached devices, as detected by the heartbeat mechanism. This means that the load balancing will be adjusted in real-time to ensure optimal performance. The deployment of the Niagara Networks N2 series is expected to positively affect the overall return on investment (ROI) of a 100Gb network migration by improving the efficiency of network operations and cybersecurity services.

Key Features and Benefits

Multi-purpose modular platform
Covers a range of areas and needs, with a set of modules that “mix and match,” and can be changed in the field – and are integrated into a single, unified visibility solution.

High Versatility
Supports a wide variety of modules (fail-safe bypass, I/O ports, taps, data processing) and interfaces (1Gb, 10Gb, 40Gb, 100Gb) that leverage high throughput, fully connected, and non-blocking switching fabric, to ensure that any combination of modules and interfaces are supported at full line rate with no over subscription – and maintains line rate connectivity during full switching between any input and any output port.

Packetron™ Processor Accelerated
Built to handle the growing complexity of the network ecosystem and help IT professionals get more of their visibility adaptation layer by offloading processing for service devices and hosted solution, and supporting increased network traffic throughput and processing needs. Packetron offers a wide selection of Network Intelligence applications, including Deduplication, Data masking, Application Filtering, RegEx, SSL decryption, Mobile Subscriber-aware GTP tunnel handling and many more.

  • Up to four Packetron modules can be deployed with the N2 2847 for 320Gbps processing
  • Up to two Packetron modules in the 2845 for 160Gbps

Open Visibility Enabled

  • Network Intelligence applications
  • 3rd Party virtual applications

Clustering Capabilities
Stack any number of units by using any ports to connect between devices. Some clustering capabilities require the Niagara Visibility Controller (NVC).