TriBrer Optical Power Meter AOP 100T-U: Precision Tool for Optical Networks

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An ultimate tool for precision optical power measurements. With broad compatibility, extensive data storage, and a built-in 10mW Visual Fault Locator, it’s the go-to choice for reliable and efficient optical network maintenance

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The TriBrer Optical Power Meter AOP 100T-U is a versatile and reliable tool designed for professionals who need precise optical power measurements. This device offers a range of benefits and features to ensure accurate and efficient performance:


  • Comprehensive compatibility with FC, SC, ST adapters, and a 2.5mm universal push-pull (UPP) connector
  • Extensive data storage capability, accommodating up to 1000 data entries
  • Optional data transfer functionality for enhanced data management and analysis
  • Real-time testing support, facilitating 7×24 monitoring on a PC (optional feature)
  • Integrated Visual Fault Locator (VFL) with a 10mW output for quick fault identification
  • Energy-saving mode automatically activated during idle periods
  • Easy reference setting with REF set and dB set functions for precise calibration
  • Wide wavelength range covering 850/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625nm for versatile fibre optic applications


  • Enables accurate and efficient optical power measurements
  • Suitable for various types of optical connections, ensuring versatility
  • Facilitates extensive measurement logging and tracking for comprehensive analysis
  • Enhances data management capabilities, improving efficiency
  • Provides continuous monitoring options for real-time performance assessment
  • Simplifies fault identification, reducing troubleshooting time
  • Extends battery life and reduces power consumption for prolonged use
  • Ensures precise measurements and optimal performance across multiple wavelengths

This power meter is an excellent fit for technicians and engineers who require a dependable and feature-rich tool for their optical network maintenance and troubleshooting tasks.