ETM 770-PRO 2G/3G/4G/M1/NB

Cellular Signal Analyser

The ETM770-PRO Cellular Signal Analyzer is designed to optimize cellular network performance. With features like operator selection, antenna configuration, and network parameter analysis, it ensures strong and uninterrupted connectivity. The cellular signal analyzer supports various cellular technologies, offers a rechargeable battery with long standby time, and logs data to a server for in-depth analysis. Ideal for remote sites and smart meter installations, the ETM770-PRO enhances network quality and reliability.


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The ETM770-PRO Cellular Signal Analyser is designed to empower professionals and enthusiasts alike in optimizing cellular network performance and coverage. With its robust set of features, this signal analyser offers unparalleled benefits to ensure seamless connectivity and efficient network management.

Key Features:

  • OLED Display with Backlight: Clearly view signal parameters and data even in challenging lighting conditions.
  • SMA/FME Antenna Connector: Seamlessly connect to external antennas for enhanced signal reception.
  • Rechargeable Battery: Enjoy over 6 months of standby time, ensuring uninterrupted operation.
  • Long-Term Signal Parameter Logging: Log vital signal data over extended periods, and effortlessly store it on a server.
  • Comprehensive Package: Comes with an antenna, hard case, and charger for convenience and protection.
  • Multi-Network Compatibility: Check coverage for 2G/3G/4G/NB1/NB2/CatM1 networks worldwide.
  • Operator Assessment: Easily identify the best operator available in any given area.
  • Antenna Selection: Determine the most suitable antenna for optimal performance.
  • ETM IoT Cloud Integration: Seamlessly send measured data to the ETM IoT cloud dashboard for analysis and insights.
  • Network Parameter Check: Evaluate essential parameters like LAC, cell information, and IP connectivity.
  • GPS Position Logging: Log GPS positions to accurately track locations and movements.
  • Single Antenna, Single SIM: Simplify setup with only one antenna and SIM card needed for operation.


  • Ensure Reliable Connectivity: Guarantee a strong and stable cellular connection on-site, eliminating disruptions.
  • Optimize Network Selection: Easily identify and switch to the best-performing network operator in your area.
  • Extend Battery Life: Enhance battery efficiency in remote units, minimizing downtime and maintenance.
  • Detailed Network Insights: Access comprehensive network information for precise analysis and troubleshooting.
  • IP Connectivity Testing: Perform PING tests to assess the quality of your IP connections.
  • Seamless IoT Integration: Integrate effortlessly with the ETM IoT dashboard for advanced data management.
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for remote site management, smart meter installations, and more.


  • Dimensions: Compact and portable at 115 x 69 x 28 mm.
  • Weight: Lightweight design, weighing only 130 g.
  • Battery: Long-lasting lithium polymer battery (3Ah) rechargeable via Mini USB.
  • Battery Lifetime: More than 48 hours in scanning mode, over 6 months in standby mode.
  • Screen: High-quality 2.4-inch OLED 128×64 display for clear data visualization.
  • Operating Temperature: Suitable for a wide range of environments (-20°C to +55°C).
  • Antenna Options: Equipped with an external SMA/FME antenna connector and internal GNSS antenna.
  • Interfaces: Mini USB connector for programming and recharging.
  • Included Items: Complete package includes Mini USB cable, antenna adapter, stub antenna, hard case, manual, car charger, and main charger.

Typical Applications:

  • Check signal availability for a potential or existing installation
  • Determine the best mobile operator for a particular location
  • Optimize Antenna types
  • Optimize Antenna location
  • Cloud Connectivity for Data Logging & Paper Trail
  • Integrates with API Server


Q: Is this capable of 850MHz NB-IoT testing for RF parameters?
A: Yes, the ETM770-Pro has the capability to conduct testing specifically tailored for IoT applications operating at the 850MHz frequency band, focusing on RF parameters relevant to those IoT deployments.

Q: Can it do a scan of networks and record the signal strength of each available network?
A: The ETM770-Pro is capable of conducting scans of cellular networks and recording the signal strength of each available network. This capability is crucial for assessing cellular coverage and optimising network performance in various deployment scenarios, including IoT applications. By conducting network scans and recording signal strength data, users can identify the best available network operators, optimise antenna configurations, and ensure reliable communication for their IoT deployments.

Q: Can we download from the ETM-770 a report on the signal strength to generate a report?
A: The ETM770-Pro allows users to download signal strength data from the device to generate reports. Users can typically download data collected by the device, including signal strength measurements, to a computer or other storage device for further analysis and reporting purposes. This feature enables users to track changes in signal strength over time, identify trends and generate comprehensive reports for network optimisation, troubleshooting and performance evaluation.