Smart Shackleless Padlock

The Smart Shackleless Padlock is a smart, waterproof padlock that combines mechanical and electrical integration for enhanced security. It operates through Bluetooth technology, eliminating the need for traditional keys. With a replaceable battery and an external emergency power supply, it ensures reliable functionality even during power outages. This padlock is managed through a central platform, allowing for easy key management and authorization settings. Its drill and skid-resistant design offers robust protection, making it ideal for outdoor applications in industries such as telecom, petrol & gas, traffic, and power.

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Electronic Smart Shackleless Padlock

The Smart Shackleless Padlock is a mechanical-electrical integration lock with a passive design, making it a reliable and convenient choice for various outdoor applications. Whether you need to secure the gate of a station or a large cabinet, this smart padlock offers an efficient and hassle-free solution.

Key Features:

  • Hockey Puck Design: The round shackleless padlock features a robust and waterproof design, ensuring durability and protection against harsh weather conditions.
  • Bluetooth Unlocking: Say goodbye to traditional keys! This padlock can be easily unlocked through Bluetooth technology, providing a seamless and effortless unlocking experience.
  • Self-Priming Magnetic External Emergency Power Supply: In case of power loss or emergencies, the padlock is equipped with a self-priming magnetic external emergency power supply. This ensures that you can always access your belongings, even in unexpected situations.
  • Replaceable Battery: With a replaceable battery, you can enjoy long-lasting usage without worrying about power depletion. Simply swap out the battery when needed and continue using the padlock without any interruptions.
  • External Emergency Power Supply Design: The padlock’s external emergency power supply design enhances its reliability and usability. You can trust that your valuables will remain secure, even during power outages or other emergencies.


  • Easy Management: The smart shackleless padlock is managed through a central management platform, allowing for seamless control and authorization settings. You can easily add or delete keys using the self-service management software via the app, providing you with complete control over access.
  • Enhanced Security: With guards against drills, skids, and other threats, this padlock prioritizes your security. Its robust construction and smart key integration ensure that unauthorized access attempts are effectively thwarted.
  • Wide Application: This versatile smart shackleless padlock can be widely applied in various industries, including telecom, petrol & gas, traffic, power, and more. Its reliability and durability make it suitable for a range of outdoor settings and security needs.