Fibre Optic Cleaning Sticks for SC, Blue

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When it comes to fast and consistent cleaning of end-face connectors, Sticklers CleanStixx Connector Cleaning Sticks are the trusted choice.

The Sticklers™ brand MCC-S25 are single ended fibre optic cleaning sticks for SC connectors. Ideal for 2.5mm hardened connector systems or on SC, ST, FC, E2000 connectors. They are packaged in 5 resealable bags (10 swabs per each bag), 50 units per box.

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Sticklers™ Fibre Optic Cleaning Sticks for SC

This Fibre Optic Cleaning Sticks MCC-S25 from Sticklers™ are precisely molded fibre optic cleaning sticks with a unique recessed tip, sized for consistent cleaning of 2.5mm hardened connector systems or on SC, ST, FC, E2000, OptiTap-style ports, MIL DTL 83526 TFOCA style socket termini. Designed using sintered polymer technology, high-purity tips cleans all surfaces perfectly on the entire end faces. They flex and conform to any surface to remove particulates and absorb fluids.

When wet-dry cleaning method is used, using the fibre optic cleaning fluid (sold separately) in combination with these fibre optic cleaning sticks achieves even better results. All Fibre Optic Cleaning Sticks from Sticklers™ are color-coded for easy identification. These ones are color-coded Blue and are packaged in 5 resealable bags (10 swabs per each bag), 50 units per box.

The Sticklers™ CleanStixx™ Connector Cleaning Sticks are the perfect solution for critical cleaning of end-face connectors in high-speed fibre optic networks. These reliable and affordable tools are designed to deliver fast and consistent results, ensuring optimal performance of your network.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Cleans any connector, any size, any configuration, anywhere: Whether you’re dealing with military, biconic, SCA for FTTH, POF, SMA 905, or AIR connectors, the CleanStixx cleaning sticks can handle them all. No matter the size or type of interconnect, these sticks are designed for perfect cleaning performance.
  • Perfectly cleans the entire end-face: Unlike other cleaning technologies on the market, the CleanStixx cleaning sticks are engineered to clean not just the central core but the entire end-face. This comprehensive cleaning ensures optimal alignment and removes contaminants effectively.
  • “Wet/Dry” cleaning with Sticklers Fibre Optic Splice & Connector Cleaner: When used in conjunction with the Sticklers Fibre Optic Splice & Connector Cleaner II, the CleanStixx sticks provide a versatile “Wet/Dry” cleaning method. This combination delivers superior cleaning results for even the most stubborn contaminants.
  • High-purity cleaning tips: The cleaning tips on the CleanStixx sticks are made of high-purity materials and do not contain any fabric, foam, glues, or particulate. This ensures a clean and residue-free end-face after each cleaning.
  • Precision molded for better cleaning: Each CleanStixx stick is precision molded to an exact size and shape, enabling better cleaning performance. This engineering precision ensures consistent results and minimizes the risk of damage to connectors.
  • Packaged in high-purity, resealable bags: To maintain the cleanliness and effectiveness of the cleaning sticks, they are packaged in high-purity, resealable bags. This packaging helps to protect the sticks from contamination between uses.
  • Colour-coded for easy selection: The CleanStixx sticks are color-coded, making it easy to select the right size for your cleaning needs. This simple identification system saves time and ensures that you always have the right tool for the job.
  • Military approved: The CleanStixx sticks are approved for military use, attesting to their high performance and reliability. They meet stringent military standards and are trusted by professionals in demanding environments.
  • High-performance and low-cost cleaning: With Sticklers CleanStixx connector cleaning sticks, you don’t have to compromise on quality or affordability. These sticks offer high-performance cleaning at a fraction of the cost of other cleaning technologies, making them a smart investment for your fibre optic maintenance needs.

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