How Network Monitoring Can Drive Business Impact

How Network Monitoring Can Drive Business Impact

Are you looking into running network monitoring campaigns to ensure the health and efficiency of your network?

Network monitoring can have a significant impact on a business's performance and bottom line. Here are some ways network monitoring can drive business impact:

Minimize Downtime: Network monitoring can help identify potential issues before they cause system failures or downtime, allowing businesses to address problems proactively and prevent costly downtime. This minimizes the impact on customer experience and can save a business significant financial losses.

Improve Security: Network monitoring can help detect security breaches or unauthorized access attempts, helping businesses respond quickly and protect sensitive data. It can also help identify and address vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

Optimize Network Performance: Network monitoring can help businesses identify bottlenecks, network congestion, and other issues that affect network performance. With this information, businesses can optimize their network performance and ensure that critical applications and services are running smoothly.

Reduce Costs: Network monitoring can help identify areas where a business is wasting resources or overspending on bandwidth, allowing businesses to optimize their infrastructure and reduce costs.

Support Compliance: Network monitoring can help businesses meet compliance requirements and regulations by providing a real-time view of their network activity and ensuring that they are maintaining security protocols and policies.

But where do you even begin when choosing the right monitoring solution for sustainability as well as efficiency now and into the future? There is nothing like seeing a solution in action to demonstrate exactly how it could help you. Watch the video below, which is second in series of eight executive interviews, presented by Deepak Shahane, VP & GM of Network and Service Enablement Business, explain how customers assure they are driving impact with monitoring solutions.

"The first thing that we noticed when people deploy our systems is that they're surprised. And the degree of surprise is for them surprising in the sense that they deploy a system and we start seeing the KPIs and seeing where the trouble spots in the network are."
Deepak Shahane, VP & GM of Network and Service Enablement Business

Learn more about how Observer® addresses network visibility here or watch use case videos here. When you're ready and want to see it in action, you can Request a Demo here.

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