Meet Richelle and a new way to maximize network access capacity

The unceasing explosion in bandwidth consumption is forcing network operators to make continuous changes to their access infrastructure to increase network capacity. ADVA's G.metro self-tuning enhanced small form-factor pluggable (SFP+) devices boost the capacity of fiber-based access networks without significant changes to existing hardware equipment. What’s more, with automated tuning capabilities it also reduces inventory and provisioning efforts to a minimum.

ADVA's G.metro is the first turnkey offering of its kind to cost-effectively help mobile and enterprise networks boost access capacity while at the same time saving vital fiber resources. The new technology, which features enhanced small form-factor pluggable (SFP+) DWDM transceivers, a complete suite of compact filters, and in-service fiber and wavelength monitoring, offers an easy way to increase bandwidth without replacing equipment. The solution seamlessly integrates with ADVA and third-party infrastructure, making it simple and highly cost-efficient to scale mobile, fixed broadband access and enterprise networks. With automatic wavelength tuning, ADVA’s G.metro solution also supports zero-touch provisioning, reducing set-up time and eliminating human error.

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What is G.metro?

A pivotal technology for access networks and provides a whole new way to easily increase fibre capacity without replacing equipment. This self-tuning SFP is engineered for simplicity and enables network operators to maximize their fibre resources whilst reducing operational complexity and cost. For complete ease of use, the G.metro automatically tunes to the appropriate wavelength without the need for any manual intervention. This is true zero touch provisioning, delivering up to 10G per channel. This self-tuning SFP enables you to increase network access capacity in the most secure and cost-effective way possible. Whether you're looking to scare your mobile networks, access aggregation, fixed broadband access or enterprise networks, the G.metro solution has you covered. Capable of both single and dual fibre working DWDM, this self tuning SFP supports point-to-point linear add/drop and star topologies. Featuring an industrial-temperature design makes it ideal for indoor use. What's more, there's a clear path to 25G and beyond.

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