Master performance and security challenges with insight from every perspective

One of the biggest trends in IT is the growing collaboration between network and security teams as they access forensics data to troubleshoot performance issues or execute investigations.

The new VIAVI Observer GigaFlow solution empowers NetOps and SecOps teams with insight from every perspective – user, machine, network and application – in a single enriched record. Observer GigaFlow intelligently combines siloed user, performance and machine data into complete, in-depth records for managing and investigating end-user experience, performance, and security incidents. All you need is a user’s name to get started.

Request for a demo of GigaFlow today and learn how;

• Track & baseline end-user experience & threat exposure
• Leverage out-of-the-box and customizable dashboards and workflows
• Reconstruct any event and isolate to individual conversation, flow, or packet

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