Introducing the Oscilloquartz OSA 3350 SePRC™ – the future of high-performance frequency stability!

OSA 3350 SePRC™ optical cesium clock breaks records with industry’s longest holdover

ADVA has recently launched its latest technology - the OSA 3350 Super ePRC (SePRC™) which provides a new way to protect critical network infrastructure systems that rely on synchronization from GNSS. This technology offers exceptional timing holdover with high-performance stability and long lifespan which outperforms other solutions on the market. This new optical cesium clock provides a vital backup for time-as-a-service (TaaS) and GNSS-backup-as-a-service (GBaaS) providers, defense organisations, communication network operators, power utilities, and transportation network operators to prevent risks of jamming and spoofing attacks. With this GBaaS solution, the OSA 3350 SePRC™ provides a backup to satellite-based synchronization, which helps prevent severe harm to businesses and society that long GNSS outages can cause. The new technology will allow for the most robust PNT solution on the market.

"Our OSA 3350 SePRC™ provides the most reliable, stable, robust and long-lasting backup for when GNSS is compromised or otherwise unavailable."
Patrick Berthoud, time and frequency chief scientist at Oscilloquartz, ADVA

The Oscilloquartz OSA 3350 SePRC™ is a new technology that uses optical pumping to provide full high-performance frequency stability. It can hold onto timing for up to 45 days and even up to 55 days when used with special clocks. Other solutions on the market would need many clocks to match this performance. This new optical cesium clock can provide optimum stability for ten years, which is much longer than other high-performance clocks. It is designed to work with various synchronization output interfaces and has modern and secure management capabilities. Additionally, the OSA 3350 ePRC+™, launched in 2020, also has enhanced holdover performance, supporting 100nsec accuracy over a minimum of 25 days and typically 30 days.

Upgrade to the Oscilloquartz OSA 3350 SePRC™ and experience the highest level of timing holdover performance on the market!

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