How fibre cleanliness is crucial to 5G connectivity

How fibre cleanliness is crucial to 5G connectivity

Whether installing a new fibre network or maintaining an existing one, it is essential for service providers to implement proper fibre-cleaning procedures to ensure the fibre network performance and reliability.

This includes ensuring that all connections and splices are kept perfectly clean to avoid potential problems such as insertion loss (weakened signal), back reflection (signal is diverted back to its source), or a total system shutdown. This is especially important with a 5G network because every milliwatt of power is necessary for optimum connectivity and peak performance.

A contaminated splice or cable end face can block the light through the fibre, changing the index of refraction or the path of the signal through the fibre. If the contamination is severe, the refraction angle can change enough that the signal can be completely lost. Modern, faster 5G networks, with their higher frequencies, are more sensitive to changes of the refractive angle, making them more vulnerable to contamination.

Watch this informative training video on the best practices to perfectly clean ports, jumpers, and splices in every fibre network or read the full article here.

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