Expanded RFoCPRI Solution from Viavi Includes Industry-First Capability

Expanded RFoCPRI Solution from Viavi Includes Industry-First Capability

Fiber testing features include improved ability to detect uplink interference in LTE-TDD

Viavi Solutions has made advancements to their RFoCPRI technology that assists cell-site technicians and RF engineers with fixing issues related to fiber-to-the-antenna (FTTA) cell sites more efficiently. As RFoCPRI becomes more prevalent, it’s crucial to tackle problems like interference and connectivity issues. Viavi has streamlined this process further by improving their CellAdvisor® technology. With this update, technicians can more effortlessly identify and address performance issues for any kind of FTTA cell site. This simplification of the troubleshooting process provides technicians with greater confidence in their work, resulting in improved outcomes.

Key Enhancements and Benefits:

  • Gated Sweep on RFoCPRI for LTE-TDD Radios: As part of BBU emulation, antenna line device (ALD) information available today is limited to topology information. With CellAdvisor’s enhanced RET feature, engineers will have access to a wider set of data for the antenna line device as stored in the remote radio head (RRH), including device list, alarm status, and mechanical tilt.
  • Enhanced Remote Electrical Tilt (RET) Information: Simple ‘traffic light’ color coding shows if impairments are present and can be fixed locally or should be handed off to network groups
  • Auto Link Rate Detection: Today to start RFoCPRI analysis, technicians must identify and configure the correct CPRI link rate, which can slow down the overall troubleshooting process. CellAdvisor can now automatically detect and configure the link rate of the connected CPRI link, dramatically improving the overall RFoCPRI analysis process.
  • RFoCPRI Cell-ID Decoding: Cell-ID is a unique identifier for the RRH. CellAdvisor’s new RFoCPRI Cell-ID decoding capability helps technicians quickly identify which RRH is experiencing performance issues.
  • Layer-2 BERT Testing: By supporting layer-2 BERT testing, CellAdvisor helps technicians quickly verify baseline error rates and ensure CPRI link performance to meet standards at the time of installation.

CellAdvisor Base Station Analyzer

As more wireless service providers and their contractors use fiber-based remote radio deployments, they are encountering new challenges that affect costs, safety, and efficiency. These deployments require frequent commissioning, insurance, and maintenance that can become expensive. Additionally, there are safety concerns related to climbing towers. Fortunately, Viavi Solutions has developed CellAdvisor with RFoCPRI technology to help mitigate these challenges. This technology reduces maintenance costs and risks for technicians by allowing them to troubleshoot issues from the ground, virtually eliminating the need for tower climbs. As a result, technicians can work more efficiently and productively, allowing for faster problem resolution and reducing the time required for tower climbs. This ultimately leads to a more cost-effective and safer deployment process for fiber-based remote radio systems.

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