Wintercom Wireless Intercom for Harsh Environments and Remote Sites

Safety is absolutely essential when facing any emergency, and the right communication systems and tools are absolutely key to successful safety protocols. Utilizing these tools and systems can help alert potential dangers, as well as guide response teams to individuals and equipment that need assistance.

In the past, communication systems were established by utilizing wire-lined connections. While this option works, it can be expensive and time-consuming to setup and breakdown. In order to take full advantage of the communication possibilities available today with minimal effort, many businesses have switched to wireless connections, allowing them flexibility and fast, reliable connections. An example of wireless communication systems is Teletics Wintercom Wireless Intercom System.




  • Eliminates the cost of cable
  • Increases site safety
  • Offers easy integration with mobile, PSTN, VSAT and other terrestrial or satellite carriage services
  • Can be customized for every application
  • The system works out of the box. Only two settings to customize, make changes or to set up software.
  • Up to 20 locations on each site can receive Phone, Internet, Ring Relay, and LOUD Ring/Paging.
  • Up to 4 locations can receive direct in/out dialing through the Wintercom Feature Server.

When Wires Won’t Work®


  • Chemical plants, in potentially explosive areas
  • Power plants, oil refineries
  • Drilling rigs, temporary work camps
  • Mines
  • Any type of similar industrial environment

The wintercom wireless intercom system is ideal for rapid deployment and is designed to be installed quickly and easily by staff with minimal computer skills. In fact it works right out of the box! It offers a robust “industrial grade” platform for field sites, combining rapid installation with custom services and telephony options. By integrating with free SIP trunking and a developer’s kit, third party devices and other features can also be included in the system.

Wintercom supports easy integration with cellular, landline, VSAT and Inmarsat. It also allows up to 20 locations on each site to access Phone, Internet, Ring Relay, and LOUD Ring/Paging, while 4 separate locations can make use of direct in/out dialing. This system is also highly durable, capable of withstanding the harshest weather conditions.

Whether it's an installation on an oil rig or in a large factory, wintercom wireless intercom can provide businesses with a rapid installation and customisable system. Simple, but powerful, it ensures that businesses have a reliable, easy-to-manage, and highly secure communications network.

Taking advantage of more modern communication systems can help better equip businesses, organizations, and individuals, with the tools they need when facing emergencies. As technology and new options continue to progress, more secure and efficient communication systems are made available, making safety and communication during an emergency simpler and more effective.

Let Wintercom change your mobile work camp communications for the better. Eliminate cable and equipment that is both complicated and costly. Create your own communications system design with the best in class hardened SIP technology and add the additional equipment you want, with our help, or on your own. It’s your choice! Get in touch today with one of our friendly team members.

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